Monday, September 19, 2016

RISE: Excerpt:

Only ten days! To continue the countdown to the release of RISE, here's an excerpt:

“What did I miss?” Madina blurted out as she rushed into the back room of the bar where Daphne was tending to a pissed off Cass, removing a bloody bandage from her shoulder. The piece of cloth was soaked, but there was only a gash marring the shifter’s skin, closing already, which told Madina the incident had happened a few hours ago.
“The usual human BS,” Daphne told her. If she sounded tired, it wasn’t actually physical, more her weary-of-the-world and fed-up-with-humans mood. Instinctively, Madina took a step backwards, feeling a pang of guilt she could never entirely rid herself of whenever this subject came up. Somewhere in her bloodline, on her father’s side, there was human in her ancestry, not always a reason to be proud. Not all humans were kind.
“Where’s Rafi?” she asked quietly.
“With the woman. She’ll be okay.”
“Me too, thanks for asking,” Cass piped up. She was wearing an over-sized shirt and nothing else, no opportunity to get into clothes after shifting, Madina assumed. Not that Cass was overly fond of clothes in that state, she knew.
“You’re okay? Really?”
“Fucker shot her.”
Sometimes, Daphne’s choice of language made her flinch too, but there was little taboo for a vampire of almost seven-hundred years. Madina blushed, glad no one cared, because everyone was aware. The dim light wouldn’t save her in a room full of paranormal beings.
“What happened?”
“The usual. Assholes decided she shouldn’t say no to him, followed her into an alley with his friend. We made it on time. This time.”
Madina didn’t need to ask any more questions. They were all aware of how often there was no one to step in, human or any other kind. There was something she wanted to know though.
“Are they alive? I could come up with some spell,” she offered. “It’s not much, but…”
“Yeah, that would help,” Daphne said, her voice less gruff, warm and affectionate instead as she addressed Madina. “Thanks.”
“No problem. So…what’s going to happen now?”
The vampire and the shifter exchanged a meaningful look, and Madina had a hard time not to feel left out. She shouldn’t, but sometimes she couldn’t help it.
“We wait for Rafi,” Cass said. “Then we talk.”
“Sit down. Have a drink,” Daphne suggested. “I’ll make sure you get home safely,” she added with a wink, and Madina smiled, relieved.
They had found something special in their circle, a connection that went beyond even what they had within their own species. She was often worried that with every human screw-up, they might remember her own heritage, but Rafi, Cass and Daphne had been around for long enough to know Madina’s ancestors weren’t the enemy. Neither were all humans, but the ones who clung to a way of life that had wreaked havoc on their kind for many generations.
Her gaze fell on the half-empty bottle of vodka on the table.
“Sure, why not?”
Daphne sneezed, rolling her eyes, not at Madina but her own predictable reaction before the door opened.
“I read your email, Daphne.” Skylar entered the room with a nervous fluttering of wings. “This doesn’t sound good.”
“It’s not...good.” Daphne sneezed again, holding up a hand. “Gee, can’t you leave that damn pixie dust at home?”
Skylar looked offended. “I thought Madina might be running out soon, so…”
“TMI,” Daphne interrupted her. “I’m not exactly sure what kind of spell she does with it, and I don’t think I want to know.” Madina blushed some more. Pixie dust helped changing children’s nightmares into something more pleasant. It also worked on adults in a slightly different way.
“Sit,” Daphne said to Skylar. “We need to talk.”
“I’d say so.” Rafi, in her more casual humanoid state, had joined them, and all jokes about pixie dust or vampires being allergic against it were off the table.
“Ladies, we all know what the problem is. The question is, do we make it ours, and if that’s the case, where the hell do we start?”

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RISE: Eva & Eden

Eva & Eden

are the human women who inspire the change to come. Capable players decide to step in and fight a grisly reality. In the background of this paradigm shift, the story of Eva and Eden develops.

Eden's life changes drastically one night when after leaving a bar, a man she rejected follows and attempts to assault her. The women who come to her rescue are far from ordinary. One of them apparently changed into a big, scary cat, and back. Another one is immune to bullets, and a third one has...wings? She must have hallucinated, because beings like that don't exist...right?
She will learn that they do indeed exist, and what's going to happen is so much bigger than her, and the five of them.

Eva is a reporter pursuing the story of her life. She is puzzled by the report of two men attacked by a large animal, and when stories of vigilante justice make the rounds, she knows that there is more to them that meets the eye.
She is certain that Eden has answers for her.

And so it begins...

Meet Madina, Daphne, Skylar, Cass and Rafi.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

RISE: Rafi


is an archangel who has for a long time believed that humans could be able to find their own way out of bigotry and misogyny. In the present, the evidence is too overwhelming: As long as she and her friends don't intervene, change will be slow, sometimes coming to a halt, the pendulum always swinging back to a certain extent.
Rafi has also witnessed the ignorance humans display not only toward other humans, but the only home they have, the Earth. Angels don't need the Earth or humans, as they can exist anywhere--but Rafi cares, not only for humanity, but her paranormal friends who would not survive if the end of the planet is brought on by humans.

It's on.





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Saturday, September 17, 2016

RISE: Cass


is a leopard shifter who has been blending in with the human world for many years: She is married to a human man who doesn't know about her true nature. She loves her family, Mike, his young daughter Avery she considers her own. Every once in a while she goes out on a run and sleeps in a tree. The secret is weighing on her, especially now that she and her friends have taken on the all important mission of saving the Earth, and saving humanity from itself.
How will humans react when they find out who's been working on their side, what will happen when the paranormal allies come out of the shadows?
For Cass, this question is more personal than for any of the others.




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Friday, September 16, 2016

RISE: Skylar


is a fairy. Fairies live in their own territory that's part of the Earth, not usually accessible to humans. Skylar has some business dealings in the human world though.
Her skills lie more in healing than fighting. She sometimes feels that she has less to contribute, because unlike a vampire or shifter, she is not threatening to the people they go after, and her magic doesn't have the same effects as Madina's.
In the course of the story, she'll have to find her place in the group of friends that set out to save the world.



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Tomorrow: Meet Cass, a shifter with a double pun intended.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

RISE: Daphne


is a vampire and Madina's lover.  She has always been doing her own thing, so it doesn't bother her much that neither her clan nor Madina's coven isn't too happy about the relationship. She has her doubts as to whether humanity can be saved, but she's on board anyway--a warrior and a protector who sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of human law. While she loves the night, she does just fine in daylight. She does have a weakness though...but for that, you'll have to read the whole story.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

RISE: Madina

Rise is now available for pre-order (, so I thought it was time to introduce you to the characters one by one.


is a witch who has had formal training in her coven, but has lived among humans for some time. She is careful not to reveal herself to the human world. She has, however, used spells to help her human friends and colleagues before--and she has strayed from the rules in other ways: Her long-time lover is a vampire, a species that humans in the present are unaware of, and witches treat with caution.
When Madina and her friends decide to step in and guide humanity onto a faster path towards gender equality, she will have to take even bigger risks--this includes spells far outside the witch box.

Madina is a teacher and a scholar, and this is what she brings to humans along with her spell-casting skills. Some of her friends, including her lover, have a different approach to the problem. They all have a common goal, to end misogyny, and, in the process, save the planet and humanity itself. With aspirations (and stakes) as high as this, they have to set aside their differences and focus on what brings them together.