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Spank or Treat 2016: Genesis

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked for SPANK OR TREAT 2016!

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 Here’s an excerpt from my story Genesis. It's a prequel to my novel RISE that features a lesbian witch and vampire at the center of a revolution: To end patriarchy once and for all. 

Please leave a comment and your email address to enter the giveaway for an e-copy of RISE (PDF or mobi).

Madina picked up her coat and keys and locked the office behind her, satisfied with her week. She had always loved stories and history. When the opportunity presented itself, she had been happy to take a job with the local archive—a witch who wanted to live among humans needed to find a way to pay the bills. She had left the coven after her training to widen her horizons and understand a species she happened to be a part of due to a human grandparent in her lineage.
Still, she kept in touch, and tonight, she was meeting a couple of friends at a bar that very few humans even knew about. Lucia and Ani had just finished their training, and they were eager to hear more about Madina’s experiences in the human world. Truth be told, Madina wasn’t sure how much of her work she should share, because there was no doubt she had crossed lines when it came to applying magic with her human friends.
Humans weren’t always kind to those they considered different, but she couldn’t stand by when one of them was in danger by no fault of their own. She had used magic when she’d witnessed a female co-worker being harassed on the way home—the perpetrator had spent an hour trapped in an invisible bubble, and since his release, he had only been polite to women he met on the street at night. She couldn’t resist a simple love spell when she’d seen a couple of friends who were so clearly enamored with each other, but neither could make the first step.
Madina knew what she was capable of. At least she thought she did—but she hesitated at times. Humans were still oblivious to the existence of witches—her kind, anyway—and other paranormal species, so each step forward could come with unexpected consequences. She wanted to learn more, from her own, from the fairy she’d befriended. Some of the spells in her repertoire could be enhanced with pixie dust. Madina was thrilled about the possbilities.
When she entered the bar, she saw Lucia and Ani sitting at a table. Skylar, the fairy, was nowhere to be seen. She’d find her another time. Perhaps she could even visit her in fairy territory…
Madina’s gaze fell on the woman sitting at the bar, a Martini in hand, studying her unabashedly. For a moment, she could barely breathe. Madina almost suspected one of her sister witches playing a prank on her. One of them might have cast a spell to remind her that she’d been studying and working too much with no play recently…No, she would know the difference between a spell, and this…whatever this was. She blushed, but couldn’t bring herself to look away.
She was dressed in black, from the jacket and top to the tight-fitting pants and high-heeled boots. Long black hair. Madina, light-headed, finally remembered to breathe. This particular female was no witch. She was no human woman either. Madina shook herself out of the spell—pardon the pun—and went to join her friends who, fortunately, hadn’t witnessed her reaction.
The gorgeous being enjoying her Martini, had.
“Hey. Congratulations again on finishing your training. What are we celebrating with? Champagne?”
Ani and Lucia shared an indulgent look.
“You are becoming much to assimilated,” Ani said.
“On the other hand,” Lucia added, “why not?”
Since Madina was the only one with a human job, there was not much of a discussion as to who was paying, but she didn’t mind. She stole another glance at the tall, dark-haired female who regarded her in return, and gave her a hesitant smile.
She knew her species. While she wasn’t afraid, she harbored a healthy respect for them, and for sure, she’d never been attracted to one.
Madina felt the heat rush to her face, and other places, once more. Attracted? That was ridiculous.
They ordered, and not much later, the waitress brought the bottle in an ice bucket, and three glasses. Madina drank her first glass in a few sips as she listened to Ani and Lucia talk about their training.
“So, have you done a lot of spells that impacted humans? The Elders told us to be extremely cautious.”
“Yes,” Madina agreed. “Cautious is good. Excuse me for a moment?”
She wasn’t sure if she had to courage to go through with the idea forming in her mind. This wasn’t like her, being reckless, consequences be damned. Madina always considered the consequences, and yet, they seemed irrelevant at this moment, a whirlwind of emotion and sensation drawing her in.
She went to the dimly lit restroom, splashing cold water on her face. She couldn’t suppress the smile. This was more exciting than anything that had happened in a long time.
Be cautious with humans. Be cautious with other species too. Some of them had sharp teeth…
When Madina left the bathroom, she was waiting for her in the hallway, casually leaning against the wall.
“I’d love to buy you a drink. I’m Daphne.”
“Wow, that’s…nice. My friend and I were just leaving though.” Why would she say such a thing? Daphne, however, wasn’t fazed by her reaction.
“Really? It’s still early. I’ll make sure you get home safely,” she said, her tone and demeanor all suggestion and promise.
If Madina should have had any objections, she found it hard to come up with them.
Ani appeared out of nowhere, not amused by the turn of events, but Madina was past caring.
 “You will? Then it’s an offer I can’t refuse.”
“Madina,” Ani scolded.
“Come on, this will be okay. Lucia will go with you. I’ll just take a cab.”
Ani shrugged as if to say “you must know” and went to find Lucia.
Then they were standing face to face, could have just as well be all alone in the room, the heat boiling over. At least Madina hoped it was more than just her heated imagination.
“I’ll have that drink now,” she said.
“Good. What would you like?”
“Your Martini looks pretty good. Could I have a sip to try?”
“Of course.” Daphne smiled, obviously pleased with herself, and handed her the glass. Madina drank and barely suppressed a cough. The second sip was better.
Daphne took Madina’s hand and led her through the crowd, a bold move, but Madina didn’t mind at all. She loved the feeling of connection, possession even, and she could tell it went both ways.
They made small talk, but between them, it was clear what was said between the lines.
I want to touch you.
I want you.
I’d love to taste you.
Daphne told her to keep the drink, and then ordered another round before she asked Madina to tell her about herself. Even after a Martini and a half, she was a bit nervous about possible revelations, but then again, the sooner they got those out of the way, the better.
She was looking forward to the moment when there was nothing else between them…even though the idea made her even more nervous. In an entirely good way.
“There’s not much to tell about me. I work in an archive. With humans. Actually, I am a quarter human, but no one knows. I mean, they don’t know I’m a witch either. Is that a turn-off? No, wait, did I really say that out loud?”
Daphne laughed. “You did, and it’s not. I’d still like to guard you…on your way home.”
“You would?” So far so good, everything was going according to plan. There was one more thing she had to mention—and it was no small thing. Curiosity and intrigue didn’t equal certainty…not yet. “Look…I—I’d really like to get to know you better. I think. I’m not sure about the biting thing. I’ve never done that before.”
“That’s fine. You wouldn’t be the one doing the biting…On the other hand, there doesn’t have to be biting,” Daphne added, assessing Madina’s state of mind correctly. “There are many other possibilities.”
“Yeah, I’m afraid I don’t know a lot about vampires. That’s what you are, right?”
Let’s have that out in the open.
“True. Now that we got that out of the way…”
“What do you do? Do you work with humans as well?”
“I used to, for many years. Now I just do…this and that. I’m not close to my clan.”
“I understand. I do visit my coven regularly. I have friends there, and it’s where I was trained, but I don’t want to be with just one species all of the time, you know? There’s so much to learn and understand, and our magic can help many if we use it wisely.”
“Is it magic you’re using right now? Because I feel spell-bound…” Daphne quickly got them back on track, and her suggestion wasn’t too far off.
Madina smiled, blushing. “Actually I wasn’t…I could. I wanted to see if you were interested for real.”
“Oh, I am, don’t worry about that. Are you ready for your walk home yet?”
“Only if you come in for a coffee.”
Both of them had been around humans for long enough to understand this kind of code, so it wasn’t a surprise when they didn’t get around to coffee. In fact, they barely closed the front door of Madina’s apartment before they started to undress each other between heated kisses, instinct drowning out everything else.
Madina didn’t regret her decision when hour after hour passed in the rush of passion, the instant connection much deeper and more intense than she had ever felt with a female witch. It was both exhilarating and a frightening, especially considering the unspoken question between them. Vampires fed from humans, didn’t they? Madina was one quarter human, and all curiosity—a bit of apprehension, too. Eventually, the former got the better of her.
“Do it,” she whispered. She didn’t want her lover to hold back—Madina sure hadn’t, had opened her mind completely to the experience. She wanted all of it.
“It’s okay. I don’t have to.” Daphne knew exactly what Madina was talking about.
“Liar,” she said, brushing a finger over Daphne’s lips. “Is it a myth? I want to know.”
Daphne took a sharp breath, her body poised to do what nature demanded. Madina shivered in anticipation.
“It’s not a myth,” Daphne said. “We’re just that good.”
She leaned in again, her lips brushing over Madina’s neck, fingers exploring her body in a sensual journey…Madina gasped when Daphne’s fangs pierced her skin. The pain was sharp and clear, burning a bit more than she had expected, but then it mixed with the rising pleasure. She was happy and willing to lose herself in the irresistible turmoil of sensation.
At the break of dawn, she slipped out of bed, her body deeply relaxed.
In the bathroom, Madina lifted her tousled hair to reveal the small puncture marks. She shivered at the memory and then jumped when Daphne appeared behind her.
“Oh, that’s right. You don’t sleep…and you don’t show up in the mirror.”
“I do sleep, every once in a while.” Daphne couldn’t argue with Madina’s other observation. “Are you okay? This is new to you.”
“It is, but I’m fine…perfect.”
“Yes, you are,” Daphne confirmed. Her arms came around Madina, and she leaned into the embrace. Where would they go from here? Madina had never heard of a witch being in a relationship with a vampire. Trying it out, for kink, yes, there was talk about that, but not from anyone she knew. The Elders hadn’t come out against it, but interactions were kept to a necessary minimum.
After centuries of being hunted by humans, witches and vampires held a truce that was reguarly renewed between the Elders and the clan leaders. That was it.
“I’d like to see you again,” Daphne said.
“You’re seeing me right now…”
“You know what I mean.”
“Yes. I’d like that too.”
“But…?” Daphne prompted.
“I know you said last night you’re not close to your clan, but would they be okay with it?”
“I can do whatever I want. What about your coven?”

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Coming Soon! #SpankorTreat 2016

Exciting times! I'm taking part for the first time, and find myself in amazing company! If you want to know more, please check out this event on Facebook (starting Oct. 21st), and follow the #spankortreat hashtag on Twitter.

You can come back here on Oct. 21st for part of my story and links to the other blogs. Genesis is a prequel to RISE, the beginning of Daphne and Madina's love story, and the revolution, through Madina's eyes.

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Excerpt: RISE (Daphne/Madina)


Daphne caught up with her on the sidewalk. Madina didn’t offer acceptance or rejection, so they walked in silence for a few minutes. She hoped Daphne wouldn’t ask her any questions. She was still winded from tonight’s events, and she had no news for her.
“I tried,” Daphne said. “Okay, I didn’t try very long, but I did, and it felt terrible. I don’t want to lose you. Whatever it takes to make it right, I will do it.”
“What have we gotten ourselves into?” Madina asked. She didn’t expect an answer either, and frankly, she knew the truth all to well. It wasn’t like all the ugliness had started to happen all of a sudden—it was only a matter how much of a privilege one had to ignore the status quo, or how close a look one dared. Once she’d done the latter, the result was disastrous. She wanted to help. She wanted to do her part to bring about change. They’d been doing this for a few weeks now, and Madina was tired beyond measure, from spells, from arguments, from the ever growing ignorance. She stopped in the middle of the road almost colliding with Daphne.
“Wait. I don’t think Morton is going to describe me in so much detail to the police. I could be wrong, but…He’s got something to lose as well.” Lulled into a comfortable relaxed state by the flight with Rafi, she had forgotten to mention this detail. “There was a half-naked man in his apartment.”
Daphne stared at her in disbelief, then she burst out laughing. “Wow, talk about…not a surprise. That little shit, crying about the gay menace threatening civilization itself with its agenda. You’re right. I think you’re safe. He wouldn’t want his party friends to know about that.”
“Yeah. He still called the police on me, so I guess it’s only fair that I have to go into exile for a couple of weeks.”
“I’ll be with you,” Daphne reminded her. “Kicking bad guy ass, it’s going to be fun. We do it better together.”
Despite the seriousness of the situation, Madina had to laugh too. “That sounds like a slogan for a superhero movie.”
“If the shoe fits…I’ll take it.”
Madina held her gaze, and all of a sudden she was equally thrilled and scared for the future and the challenges it would bring. They had gone into this with a somewhat cocky attitude, aware of all the advantages they brought to the fight—the enemy was far more numerous and dangerous than they had imagined, on so many levels. Maybe that was why no paranormals before them had tried to change the disastrous order of patriarchy.
They had each other though, and the present moment.
“What’s on your agenda tonight?” she asked, hopeful, breathless, worried she’d already done too much damage to their relationship by requesting a break.
“I don’t know. That kind of depends on you. Want to go over those files together?”
Madina was fairly sure that if she said yes, preparation for the trip wasn’t the only thing that was going to happen. She was going to see more ugliness, for sure, and for that, she needed to steel herself, know who was on her side and whom she could trust. Daphne would never hurt her, and she’d never take an innocent life.
“Why not? I’m sure Rafi will appreciate it when we’re better prepared the next time. Let’s do it.”
When they arrived at Madina’s apartment, there was no police surrounding the building which made her hopeful her theory could be right, and Morton would lay low after that first bout of anger. Would he understand, though, or would his policies be even worse, revenge? Tomorrow, she’d probably have the answer from the Elders, and with their backing, she could do a lot more, delegate, create bigger, far-reaching spells. Maybe she could even take some time off from work to research, and do more teaching. It would all come together.
They hadn’t been apart for that long, but when Daphne pulled up her shirt, her warm hands exploring Madina’s body, it seemed like forever. Maybe she was still experiencing after-effects from the flight, or the tropical cocktail she’d had at the bar, but the future didn’t look so bad anymore. Madina enjoyed the present as well. It didn’t take long until they were both naked, limbs entwined like neither of them wanted to let go, ever.
“I can make you fly too,” Daphne whispered.

If you enjoyed this teaser, you can check out the book here:


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RISE - It's coming! Release & Author Takeover

 RISE is out now, and there'll be some exciting activities in the days after.

Several awesome authors have signed up to join me for a celebratory author takeover, starting Wednesday Oct. 5th (Link will take you to the Facebook event). Check out the schedule for when to meet them here:

Takeover Schedule (all times are EST)

Wednesday, 10/5:
14:00 Introduction
15:00: Liz McMullen
16:00: Anastasia Vitsky
17:00: McKayla Schutt
18:00: Sandie Will
19:00: Rose Montague

Thursday, 10/6
15:00: Jan Baren
16:00: Amy Leibowitz Mitchell
17:00: Rhavensfyre
18:00: Raven J. Spencer
19:00: Ann Aptaker

Friday, 10/7
15:00: Darla Baker
16:00: MJ Williamz
17:00: Josette Reuel
18:00: Fiona Zedde
19:00: JL Gaynor

Saturday, 10/8
15:00: Jodie Pierce
16:00: Melissa Grace
17:00: Sonnet O'Dell
18:00: Wrap

Each author will handle their individual hour. I'll give away an e-copy of RISE each day, and one winner will walk away with their copy plus this angel wing necklace:

The only thing you have to do to enter is click "join"  (you don't have to be around for the entire event).
See you there!

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RISE: Excerpt:

Only ten days! To continue the countdown to the release of RISE, here's an excerpt:

“What did I miss?” Madina blurted out as she rushed into the back room of the bar where Daphne was tending to a pissed off Cass, removing a bloody bandage from her shoulder. The piece of cloth was soaked, but there was only a gash marring the shifter’s skin, closing already, which told Madina the incident had happened a few hours ago.
“The usual human BS,” Daphne told her. If she sounded tired, it wasn’t actually physical, more her weary-of-the-world and fed-up-with-humans mood. Instinctively, Madina took a step backwards, feeling a pang of guilt she could never entirely rid herself of whenever this subject came up. Somewhere in her bloodline, on her father’s side, there was human in her ancestry, not always a reason to be proud. Not all humans were kind.
“Where’s Rafi?” she asked quietly.
“With the woman. She’ll be okay.”
“Me too, thanks for asking,” Cass piped up. She was wearing an over-sized shirt and nothing else, no opportunity to get into clothes after shifting, Madina assumed. Not that Cass was overly fond of clothes in that state, she knew.
“You’re okay? Really?”
“Fucker shot her.”
Sometimes, Daphne’s choice of language made her flinch too, but there was little taboo for a vampire of almost seven-hundred years. Madina blushed, glad no one cared, because everyone was aware. The dim light wouldn’t save her in a room full of paranormal beings.
“What happened?”
“The usual. Assholes decided she shouldn’t say no to him, followed her into an alley with his friend. We made it on time. This time.”
Madina didn’t need to ask any more questions. They were all aware of how often there was no one to step in, human or any other kind. There was something she wanted to know though.
“Are they alive? I could come up with some spell,” she offered. “It’s not much, but…”
“Yeah, that would help,” Daphne said, her voice less gruff, warm and affectionate instead as she addressed Madina. “Thanks.”
“No problem. So…what’s going to happen now?”
The vampire and the shifter exchanged a meaningful look, and Madina had a hard time not to feel left out. She shouldn’t, but sometimes she couldn’t help it.
“We wait for Rafi,” Cass said. “Then we talk.”
“Sit down. Have a drink,” Daphne suggested. “I’ll make sure you get home safely,” she added with a wink, and Madina smiled, relieved.
They had found something special in their circle, a connection that went beyond even what they had within their own species. She was often worried that with every human screw-up, they might remember her own heritage, but Rafi, Cass and Daphne had been around for long enough to know Madina’s ancestors weren’t the enemy. Neither were all humans, but the ones who clung to a way of life that had wreaked havoc on their kind for many generations.
Her gaze fell on the half-empty bottle of vodka on the table.
“Sure, why not?”
Daphne sneezed, rolling her eyes, not at Madina but her own predictable reaction before the door opened.
“I read your email, Daphne.” Skylar entered the room with a nervous fluttering of wings. “This doesn’t sound good.”
“It’s not...good.” Daphne sneezed again, holding up a hand. “Gee, can’t you leave that damn pixie dust at home?”
Skylar looked offended. “I thought Madina might be running out soon, so…”
“TMI,” Daphne interrupted her. “I’m not exactly sure what kind of spell she does with it, and I don’t think I want to know.” Madina blushed some more. Pixie dust helped changing children’s nightmares into something more pleasant. It also worked on adults in a slightly different way.
“Sit,” Daphne said to Skylar. “We need to talk.”
“I’d say so.” Rafi, in her more casual humanoid state, had joined them, and all jokes about pixie dust or vampires being allergic against it were off the table.
“Ladies, we all know what the problem is. The question is, do we make it ours, and if that’s the case, where the hell do we start?”

Curious? You can pre-order RISE on Amazon. And check out the Author Takeover for a chance to win this necklace. All you have to do to enter is click "join." Hope to see you there!

RISE: Eva & Eden

Eva & Eden

are the human women who inspire the change to come. Capable players decide to step in and fight a grisly reality. In the background of this paradigm shift, the story of Eva and Eden develops.

Eden's life changes drastically one night when after leaving a bar, a man she rejected follows and attempts to assault her. The women who come to her rescue are far from ordinary. One of them apparently changed into a big, scary cat, and back. Another one is immune to bullets, and a third one has...wings? She must have hallucinated, because beings like that don't exist...right?
She will learn that they do indeed exist, and what's going to happen is so much bigger than her, and the five of them.

Eva is a reporter pursuing the story of her life. She is puzzled by the report of two men attacked by a large animal, and when stories of vigilante justice make the rounds, she knows that there is more to them that meets the eye.
She is certain that Eden has answers for her.

And so it begins...

Meet Madina, Daphne, Skylar, Cass and Rafi.

Check out the upcoming Author Takeover here, or pre-order Rise.

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RISE: Rafi


is an archangel who has for a long time believed that humans could be able to find their own way out of bigotry and misogyny. In the present, the evidence is too overwhelming: As long as she and her friends don't intervene, change will be slow, sometimes coming to a halt, the pendulum always swinging back to a certain extent.
Rafi has also witnessed the ignorance humans display not only toward other humans, but the only home they have, the Earth. Angels don't need the Earth or humans, as they can exist anywhere--but Rafi cares, not only for humanity, but her paranormal friends who would not survive if the end of the planet is brought on by humans.

It's on.





Rise for pre-order

Rise Release Author Takeover