Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Exodus Strategy: In depth

These days, many people say they're tired of politics, and they want their fiction to be an escape. So it's a bit of a hazard to publish a fictional story that dives right into politics. On September 8th, you can make up your own mind about The Exodus Strategy.

(Now available for pre-order!

I believe that we are dealing with politics every moment of our lives, that there is no way to get away from it...and that it's important to show who we are. Authors are often cautioned to avoid the subject, but in my opinion, your point of view will be visible between the lines.

The Exodus Strategy is a story about women, about love, friendship and solidarity--and the obstacles that arise when you try to change society to the fairer.

In college, Kerry and Hilary wrote a paper detailing that society. The fictional goal was to find a location that suited their needs best, and to start over to teach equality and education over ignorance and stereotypes. Years later, the two women are still friends, but their lives are vastly different: Kerry has just bought a house with her fiancée, and the two of them are planning to have a baby. Kerry's career is about to take off, and they could be happy with their lives if it wasn't for the outcome of their State's election: The new Governor promised a drastic rollback of women's and LGBT rights in his campaign, and now elected, he's delivering. Even with the number of privileges that Kerry and Vivien enjoy, it's only a matter of time before the barrage of new laws affects them too, and those privileges could be a thing of the past for them simply because of gender and sexual orientation.

Hilary runs a multi-billion dollar company with her husband Marc. They, too, are appalled at what's happening, and they are willing to spend a lot of money on damage control. Hilary suggests to Kerry that they start to make a decade-long dream reality: Exodus, a society built on fairness and equality. In the process, Hilary and Marc will move the headquarters of their company to California, the real-life place of Exodus.
For Kerry and Vivien who have social and financial ties to the local community, this is no easy decision. To give up what they know for what so far, is merely a utopia?

Then again, this could be the chance to teach, to live and lead by example. Needless to say, they face strong opposition, and along the way, they still have a lot to learn - including from one another.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Open Spaces 99cts sale & Cover Reveal: The Exodus Strategy.

Open Spaces

I'm officially off for the summer...and why shouldn't you get something out of it? Open Spaces is now on sale for 99cts only, until Aug. 23rd, everywhere on Amazon. It's a sexy romantic read perfect for vacation. I hope you enjoy Lauren and Summer's story, and come back when in the fall, it will be the release of something entirely different:

The Exodus Strategy (coming September 8th)

An old college paper...a disastrous election result and the consequences...
A little California Dreamin' and the determination to change the world.

Meet Kerry Rivers, Vivien Collins, Hilary and Marc Greene.

Change is coming.

In college, Kerry Rivers wrote a much discussed paper with her friend Hilary, on how to make the world fairer and more equal. In the present, after a State’s election, the winner wants to turn back time and undo rights gained by women and the LGBT community. Hilary, now married and the owner of a billion dollar company, thinks it’s time to act and make their utopia, Exodus, a reality.
But can you really start a society from scratch? And is the promise enough for Kerry to leave behind her career and home?
A number of laws enacted by the new government leave Kerry and her partner Vivien no choice. Together with their friends Hilary and Marc, they embark on a once in a lifetime journey that will come with setbacks and victories, joy and tears.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Open Spaces - about the story

It's here now! After the blurb and link, I'll give you some fun facts about this story - and if that leaves any question open, please just ask!

A chance encounter and instant attraction: For one night, it doesn’t matter that Lauren and Summer lead different lives, with different obligations and dreams. The morning after and the following weeks leave them with many questions.
Could there be a chance for something beyond the obvious connection and chemistry, and how much compromise is involved? Lauren and Summer must find the answers together, as they navigate this new relationship.

- Song that was playing on repeat while writing it: Chely Wright, It Was. To me, it was the perfect song reflecting the theme, about two people who weren't even completely aware of what they were longing for until they met each other. When you know, you know.

- Genre specifics: So often, that's in the eye of the beholder. Open Spaces is a romance in the first place. I added "erotic" to make sure you're aware of some subtle differences to my previous romance books. The heat is up by a bit! However, depending on what's your favorite kind of romance, you still might see this as a sweet romance. I look forward to your feedback.

- Overdone? In the past few years, I've heard that sometimes, too many stories where protagonists fall in love too quickly, too much romance overall--I consider that a challenge. It is my personal experience that two people can fall in love fairly quickly when the time and chemistry is right, and besides...I don't think any story is ever overdone. There's always a new way to tell it.

- The goal? To have you escape into Lauren and Summer's romance this summer. I'll be back in the fall with a heavier, more politics-oriented story.

- Happy weekend & Enjoy the read! Open Spaces is also available for Kindle Unlimited.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer of Love - Open Spaces pre-order and The Interpretation of Love and the Truth on sale

 As part of the #SummerofLove promo, here's the pre-order link for my upcoming erotic romance Open Spaces. The Interpretation of Love and the Truth is on sale this week, 99cts only on Amazon(.)com. If you'd like to escape into romance this summer, check these titles out:

Open Spaces

A chance encounter and instant attraction: For one night, it doesn’t matter that Lauren and Summer lead different lives, with different obligations and dreams. The morning after and the following weeks leave them with many questions.
Could there be a chance for something beyond the obvious connection and chemistry, and how much compromise is involved? Lauren and Summer must find the answers together, as they navigate this new relationship.

The Interpretation of Love and the Truth
Chelsea and Gail are engaged to get married. Their relationship is safe, comfortable, and without conflict. According to Tonya Gray, it also lacks the passion one should feel for the person you commit to for the rest of your life. Chelsea might not trust her because Tonya broke her heart three years ago. As the date nears, Chelsea has to figure out if love means what she has with her fiancée, or what she could have with the woman she couldn't forget.

Have a great summer! I hope you'll enjoy these romantic reads. For these and other titles in various genres, visit 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blog Tour: PJ Belden: Shadowed Attachments

Today I welcome P.J. Belden with her new release Shadowed Attachments!

Twitter: @PJBelden
Instagram: @p.j.belden

Book Blurb:

You don’t know me, but I’m standing at your door begging you pay attention. See, I know things that you may not yet know. I see things you don’t even know are there. Some call me crazy, and you probably will too, but when you see that what I tell you is the truth… When you see the truth, then you’ll be hunting me. You’ll search for me. You’ll need me to help you understand. See you may not know this stranger at your door, but you will, and you’ll need me. I came to tell you what I know, what I’ve seen. The rest is up to you. There’s nothing else I can do. I’ll run from you when you stand stunned after I tell you. You don’t know me, but very soon… you’ll be hunting me, needing me, wanting me. I don’t know you, but pretty soon… I will because you are just like me. The question that you can’t ask me right now, but I’ll answer anyway, is trust no one or anything. For what you 
knew was all a lie.

Book Links:
Pre-order Links:
Amazon (US) -
Amazon (UK) -
Amazon (AU) -
Amazon (CA) -
Inktera: *Coming Soon*
Playster: *Coming Soon*
Tolino: *Coming Soon*
Angus & Robertson Bookworld:

My Bio of sorts LMAO!!
Hello! :D
I'm PJ. I'm a happily married mother of three incredible children. But my super power lies in words... LOL No, seriously though... I write and read romance, of all sorts. Romance is a girl's best friend. Well, it is for this girl. Ha! For the longest time, I read books by Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen and the like. Then a friend introduced me to Bella Andre and Jamie McGuire. From that moment on, I was addicted. I've read so many romance books now that I couldn't honestly tell you my favorite read or author. There are just so many out there and so many that aren't getting the reading love they should. Or at least I think anyway. *wink*
I started blogging before I began writing. It wasn't until my husband dropped my notebooks in my lap and told me to do something with my OWN stories that my writing career began. From that moment forward, I have written 21 books. 19 books under PJ, 1 book under Réna Edward, and 1 book under Maree Alexander.
Life is ever changing and we have move with the punches or get knocked out. Because of these changes, my writing career has changed as well. This site is a stem of that.
I hope that you will continue to give me your feedback and support on my books. And maybe in return, I can give you some new reads and authors to find with my blog!
Much love to all you beautiful people out there!

Want to keep up with me? You can find me at all the following links...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer of Love - Romance sales and previews all June long

Here's a timetable of the weeks leading up to the release of my latest book, Open Spaces, an erotic romance. Since Summer is coming, and if you want to stock up your Kindle for your vacation, I'll have some sales for you as well.

Starting today: Summer Wine, #4 in the Callie & Rebecca series, will be 99cts on for a limited time (Kindle Countdown Deal).

June 7th-13th: The Design of Everything Perfect Kindle Countdown Deal
June 14th-20th: The Interpretation of Love and the Truth Kindle Countdown Deal
June 13st: Open Spaces pre-order starts
June 23th: Open Spaces release day


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wednesday Women: Claire and Tamiel by Catherine Lane

For this week's Wednesday Women, Catherine Lane has something special for you: With Ann Etter, she'll introduce her leading ladies in audio. It took us a bit to find out how exactly to bring the file to you, but we figured it out!

My good friend Ann Etter and I are putting together an audio clip for my latest release, the lesbian urban fantasy Tread Lightly.

“Is there a specific voice that you hear for Claire?” she asks over the phone.
Claire is a level-one–plus fairy godmother and the POV character. We need to get her just right.
“I don’t know.” Clearly I am no help at all.
“ Okay,” she says, “I hear her as down-to-business. She may be a magical, but she’s grounded in the real world.”
“True, but right now she’s in way over her head both with her case and with Tamiel.” That’s the guardian angel she’s falling for.
“So you think she should be both confident and vulnerable at the same time?” Ann asks.

So she sends me this:

I listen to it a couple of times and dash off the following email.

Claire is perfect, but Tamiel’s voice may be a little too high. I always equate high with young. And while Tamiel is inexperienced outside of her life as a guardian angel, she’s been around much longer than Claire. What do you think? Also in my head, Tamiel is pronounced as Tam’-ee-el. Sorry I didn’t tell you that before.

Another take pops up in my inbox soon after. Ann’s nailed both Claire’s and Tamiel’s voice, and we are off and running in creating an audio clip of the scene. As someone who has no talent in reading out loud, I’m really lucky that Ann will read for me, and we have created clips for all my books. Right around this time, though, I always have the same thought: Audiobooks are such odd animals.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love them, and Ann just took a 3000 mile road trip in part, I suspect, to listen to several audiobooks from first word to last— six to be exact, five lesfic and one mainstream. But listening to someone read a book out loud is definitely not the same experience as reading it to yourself.

Reading a novel can be very intimate for the author’s words flow directly into your mind. You and the author become partners, and the experience can sometimes even bypass language and go straight to emotion and feeling. And if all this is really working, reading a book creates a special literary space that’s bigger than either the author or the reader—where each brings unique perceptions and intentions and because of that, only the two of you can enter.

Listing to a book, on the other hand, is more like joining a really cool club. Already the author and the narrator belong, and behind the scenes there is an editor, producer and often a director as well. Everyone adds their spin on the story. When you slip the CD into the car’s dash, you open the door to that meeting and everyone who’s already part of the club is waving you inside.

So, click below and please join Ann and me in the world of Tread Lightly. The door’s wide open.