Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Women: Fanfic Month: Women's Murder Club

Hello and welcome to the last Wednesday Women before the summer break! We'll resume with more awesome authors in September. Next week I'll give you the masterlist of the ladies who have visited, but for now, let me tell you a story...

I picked up James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series with the first book and haven't missed one ever since. I've always loved the idea of women working together instead of competing, being allies instead of "frenemies", friends instead of backstabbing mean girls. When the series came to TV, I was curious and skeptical. What I saw, made my jaw drop. This was a TV show tailor-made for me, beautifully and unapologetically feminist.

If you heard about it, you probably know it fell victim to many circumstances--the writer's strike, but more so the lack of vision from TPTB. It would enter its 8th season this year, and probably successfully though, but in 2007, before The Good Wife and other shows proving the audience likes stories about smart capable women...not possible. A maybe even bigger blow was when the original showrunners were replaced with a producer who didn't manage to bring the same depth to a beautiful concept.

At this point, a small but dedicated fandom had formed, and if the network wasn't willing to give us any more of our favorite show...Well, we could created it ourselves. With the talent of amazing contributors, writers, artists and beta readers, the Virtual Seasons were born, as an homage to the actresses and the creators of the show and book series.

These "episodes" continued for two years and were created with lots of love.


Season 2

Season 3

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort, esp. co-producers inspectorboxer (who wrote 7 episodes) and grumpybear1031 (who created all the banners, lots of promo materials and kept the site running). See all credits on the website.

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