Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Women: Chase and Rowan by Rhavensfyre

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's that day know what it means! For this week's Wednesday's Women, Chase and Rowan stopped by for an interview. You know them from Rhavensfyre's novellas "Life is not a Country Song", "Love is not a Romance Novel" and "Life, Love and Loyalty". By the way: You can currently enter a giveaway on Goodreads (ends Oct. 13th) to win one of two paperbacks, and you have the chance to meet Rhavensfyre at the GCLS event in Provincetown during Women's Week. But now, on to Chase and Rowan...

Take it away, Ladies!

Interviewer (I): Hi there! Today we have Chase and Rowan with us. Ladies, thank you for taking some time out of her very busy schedule to meet with me. I will try not to take up too much of your time.

Rowan (R): No problem. We are in between groups right now.

I: Would you like to explain the groups to everyone?

R: I think Chase would be better at that, since she is the one in charge.

Chase (C): Um, Hi. Yes, we run a therapeutic riding program for troubled youth. Generally, they are ones in the foster system, but not always. The program helps give them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

I: Responsibility?

C: Yes. When they arrive here they are assigned a horse and they are responsible for that horse the entire time. Feeding, watering, all the grooming and pucky picking.

I: Interesting. Now, while I still have you. I heard that you two met in quite an interesting way. Something about a beat up old pick-up truck?

R: Oh, God! That pick-up truck. I still wonder if you would have made it here with that thing.

C: Well, I would have tried. But, in answer to your question. It was an interesting first meeting. That old truck meant a lot to me, but not as much as Smoothy here. It was the first vehicle I bought with my own money and it took both of us to a lot of shows when I was first starting out in the circuit. (Pause) It actually looked better under the hood, you know.

R: (Laughing) Oh! Now I want to try and get it back. I know you have a love for old jalopies.

C: It was worth it. I got more out of leaving that old truck behind then I ever expected.

I: Aww, that’s sweet.

R: Hey! You are so lucky we like you.

I: I should point out at this time that Rowan, Chase and I have been friends for a while now. I was fortunate enough to score an interview with Dee St. John, Rowan’s father, earlier this summer where he insisted on putting me on a horse’s back. That’s where I met Chase, since you can’t meet one without the other her on the Flying S. (Pauses) Now Rowan, I have it from an inside source that you prefer country music …

C: … and that you sing badly.

I: (coughs) …but no one seems to know what Chase listens to. Care to share, Chase?

R: You told her!

C: Not me. I bet it was Rob. But, you do sing all the time.

R: It would be like Rob to try and get his two cents in.

C: At least he didn’t tell her about how you decided to serenade me while we were driving cross-country.

R: No, but you just did!

C: Oops.

I: Alright, ladies. Let’s get this interview back on track. How about I just get on to the next question?

R: Okay.

C: Sure.

I: You two have been quite the talk of the town, should I say…an item. Any word on what you two are planning next? Any wedding bells in the future?

C: Um….

R: Hey, that’s my line. (grins)

(PS: I'm all for the wedding bells...just saying.

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