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Wednesday Women: Delphine Bouchard by R.G. Emanuelle

Hello hello! The Wednesday Women are back in town, and to kick off the season, I bring you an exclusive interview with R. G. Emanuelle's Chef Delphine Bouchard. Thanks R.G. and Delphine for joining us!

R. G. Emanuelle

Interview with Chef Delphine Bouchard (main character of new novella seriesunnamed as of yet)

Hello, Chef Delphine. Thanks for talking with me today.
Thank you, Barb. You can call me Delphine, or Del.
Okay, Del. You are a celebrity chef. What’s it like to live in that kind of limelight?
That’s the thing about being a celebrity chef and having a successful restauranteveryone wants a piece of you and sometimes the real you gets lost in the hype. I have been written about a lot over the years, but much of it has been distorted.
Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems being in the limelight. I’ve grown accustomed to it. But my food is my top priority. People can say whatever they want about me, but as long as the quality of my food remains high and people continue to enjoy it, then I’m happy.
What kind of food does your restaurant serve?
It’s what I call French fusion. I take classic French dishes, add touches of other cuisines and apply different techniques to come up with things that are like the traditional dishes but something new. Sometimes I stay true to the tradition and serve dishes in the classic way.
You are French, right?
Yes, I am. My parents immigrated from France when I was very little.
You have this larger-than-life persona that fascinates people. I’ve heard that reporters have tried to find records of your life and have been unsuccessful. It’s as if you never existed. What’s with the mystery?
Um, well, while I do enjoy the limelight, I’m also a very private person. My food and my restaurants are part of my public persona and I don’t mind being ‘out there.’ But where my personal life is concerned, I’d rather keep it private.
But that doesn’t explain why no one’s been able to find anything out about you.
Well, that’s their problem. Next question, please.
You have this steampunk, with a little old-school punk, look going on. Do you think that your appearance scares some people away?
I don’t think so. I think my food speaks for itself. I worked for years to hone my craft, and people appreciate them. Well, usually. Besides, when you become a so-called celebrity, people don’t really care what you look like. All they care about is that they’re with someone famous. And if anyone has an issue with my appearance, again, it’s their problem.
You’re a darling of the food mediamost of the critics love youbut you have been attacked on occasion. I wont name names, but theres one particular writer who seems to have it out for you. How do you respond to that?
(sighs) I know who you’re referring to and he’s just hates me for some unknown reason. Maybe his reason is unknown even to him. All I can do is my bestmy best to create good food and run a tight restaurant. If someone chooses to rip me apart, I can’t do much about it.
What’s your favorite food?
Vegetarian cassoulet. It’s traditionally made with meat, but if done in the classic French style, it’s a bitch to prepare, but it’s so worth it.
That was going to be my next question. You’re a vegetarian. How does that work out if you’re a chef?
I have an exceptional staff that I trust completely to handle all the meat-based dishes. I taste meat dishes when I have to. Plus, I’ve been at this a very, very long time and I know what I’m doing.
So, I take it you’re not a fan of hunting.
Hunting for sport, no. But animals hunt and we’re animals. As long as it’s a genuine need for sustenance, it’s justified. People hunt without that genuine need, and that’s not something I’m down with. But I think we all need to hunt in some way for what we need.
What’s your favorite drink?
You’re one of the most eligible women in the U.S.
What have you heard?
(Laughs) Oh, I’ve heard things. I’m blushing just thinking about it.
Is there someone special in your life?
I’ve started seeing someone. It’s too soon to say whether this will be something long term. I’m very fortunate to have fabulous friends, and I consider my staff my family.
Do you have anything planned for the future?
Yes. I have plans to open up another restaurant in the near future, and possibly a third, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve been approached to do a cookbook and a TV show. The cookbook I’m definitely starting to think on. The TV show….well…I’m not sure that’s something I want to do. It will take me away from my restaurant too much. But we’ll see.
If you were on a desert island and could have one CD, what would it be?
Edith Piaf. It reminds me of home.
Wow, that’s really old school. Do you think you’re an old soul?
Del, thank you for joining us today. Best of luck in your new projects. I hope they go as you plan.
Thank you very much. All you need is some patience, and I’ve got lots of that.

About the author:
R.G. Emanuelle is from New York City and spent more than 20 years in publishing. She is co-editor of Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates, All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Erotica and Romance, and Unwrap These Presents. Her short stories can be found in numerous anthologies, including several Golden Crown and Lambda Literary finalists.
When she was a child, a neighbor called her a vampire because she only came out after dark, so it’s fitting that her first novel, Twice Bitten, is about creatures of the night. Her 2013 romantic novella, Add Spice to Taste, stars a love-burned chef, but she is always summoned back by the things that go bump in the night.

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