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Wednesday Women: Charity Northquest by Catharine Bramkamp

This week's Wednesday Woman is the creation of fellow Eternal Press author Catharine Bramkamp, from her novel Future Girls. You'll find an interview with Charity, and a little something extra for those of you who are interested in doing a review...but you've got to be quick. Thanks Catharine and Charity for visiting!

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Interview with Charity Northquest, heroine of Future Girls by Catharine Bramkamp

Future Girls:

On October 10, 2145, eighteen-year-old Charity Northquest's whole future is ahead of her--and the future sucks.


On October 11, 2145, she unexpectedly has a chance to fix it.

When her best friend is reported killed, but then re-appears the next day as an old woman, everything Charity has been taught is called into question. Even if she does not believe in time travel, she has little choice. So the ill-prepared Charity travels back to the mysterious and captivating 21st century where her single purpose of changing the future fades with the increasingly more urgent question of whether she can survive the past.

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Interview January 12, 2015

Book Title character is from and release date Future Girls Eternal Press Dec. 2014
Author Catharine Bramkamp
Character name Charity Northquest
Where were you born? I was born in Independent California, 2127
Where do you live? I live in what was once Sonoma County, California, but is now more of a walled city, no one lives in the country-side, there is nothing left there now.
How old are you? 18
What do you do? I help my mother manage the household and try to savor my schooling, after girls turn 18 we are automatically finished with our education.
Why did you decide to go into this field? Tell me about me. There is nothing else for girls to do in 2145 but to become mothers and help their husbands do well in the Reality Cloud. Believe me, the prospect is more than a little depressing.
Tell me about your family? What was your mother like? Father? Brothers/sisters? My father, like all men, works to maintain the Reality Cloud, the virtual reality system that all men work, play and negotiate the peace in. There is no need to much else when we have everything we need in the Cloud. But I’m worried about him, the electricity surges have been increasing and even though he doesn’t say, he could be held responsible if the surges continue and if the villagers and rebels harm the electric grid in any way.
If you could anything/anyone, who/what would it be? I want to change something, my best friend Mirabella thinks that we can do something to make our lives and our world better. According to the books we hide and read, people even women, can make a difference, but I don’t see how .
What are your plans? Until my best friend, Mirabella was killed, I had no plans, I didn’t know it was possible to have other plans! Then she showed up at the rest home an old lady. I don’t know how that is even possible, but now I have to actually break our afternoon curfew and find Mirabella’s room and discover what’s really going on!
What is the worst thing that can happen to you? The worst thing that could happen is I do nothing and let myself be part of a world where women can’t do anything at all for ourselves. The best thing I can do and the more frightening, is to trust that the strangers I meet are telling me the truth, and trust that traveling back in time will actually make my world better. To be honest, I don’t really know how, but I’m willing to try, what choice do I have?
What’s the one thing you could never say or do? I was raised never to question the One True God, but in my heart, I question both the God and the men who organize the One True Word. Is that wrong? I don’t know anymore.

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