Friday, June 29, 2018

A moment for escape - or is it?

It's been a tough week for many. I think the fact that there is so much conversation on social media (not just shouting) is a silver lining, if tiny. It feel like I have talked to a lot more people on Facebook and Twitter than in the past weeks. Some of it is about recent policies, in the US and elsewhere, some of it is about TV, books and the publishing world. All of it is important, and, in my opinion all of it is politics.

So, is a lesbian romance escape from it all? To some extent, yes. The Interpretation of Love and the Truth is free for a couple of days (reasonably priced afterwards, always available in Kindle Unlimited). While it's a sweet romance about finding the one, a wedding and a love triangle. A part of it is also about coming out within one's own community, and the challenges that can come with that.

All my books are part escape, part of addressing issues - though I've always believed that writing stories about happy and confident women-loving-women is politics too.  More to the point in this article I found on Telling Queer Love Stories with Happy Endings Is a Form of Resistance. I absolutely agree.

Here are some more lesbian links:

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Enjoy you weekend - see you next week!

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