Monday, October 28, 2013

Secrets will come out...later this week.

This book, that is (Nov 1st):
In other news, I'm talking about Secrets, writing violence and sex, and who'd play me in the movie of my life on Sonnet O'Dell's Dusty Pages. Sonnet, by the way, is a fellow Eternal Press writer--check back for her newest release on Friday as well. is looking forward to your visit!

Summer Wine, the 4th and last book about the lives of Callie and Rebecca in Autumn Leaves, is in the works (Spring Fever will come out next February, and until 10/31 you can still get the first two for half price with the promo code on the Eternal Press website.).

I might have been tempted into doing NaNoWriMo this year--one of the pep talkers is James Patterson. Lindsay Boxer is an old (if imaginary) friend I go to visit once a year, so how could I resist?

And speaking of awesome women, the Wednesday Women will return on January 8th with exciting new names, authors and characters. I couldn't be more grateful to all the authors who have followed the call so far and will in the future.

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