Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Women: Sam and Gillian by Emma Weimann

For today's Wednesday Women, Emma Weimann aka Astrid Ohletz stopped by to discuss Sex in lesbian fiction, and also brought her leading ladies Sam and Gillian. You can check out her erotic romance  Heart's Surrender at Ylva Publishing or on Amazon. Thanks for visiting!

(graphic provided by author)

Throbbing, moaning and fading to black:
Sex in lesbian fiction

By Emma Weimann
who in real life is Astrid Ohletz, Managing Director of Ylva Publishing

“The flesh beneath Sam’s fingers was hot. Her heart raced, her muscles trembled. This was heaven. Or at least as close to heaven as she would ever get. Minutes ago she had finally managed to pin Gillian up against the kitchen door and now she had one hand on a soft breast. “I. Love. You.”
Gillian moaned. “Yes. Yes.”
“I want you to come. And I want to see you explode.”
A groan was her answer.
A door banged.
“Shit.” Gillian’s eyes were wide.
“No. No.” Sam whimpered and pressed closer against Gillian. “They aren’t supposed to be back before five. This is not fair.”

The above scene is part of my award-winning erotic romance “Heart’s Surrender.” However, it is not quoted correctly. This here is a slightly tamer version for those reading this blog during office hours.

The good thing is that I am allowed to read erotica at work if I want to… publisher’s privilege. And I really do love to read well-written lesbian erotica and erotic romance. At other times I also love me some awesome paranormal novels or a good young or new adult story. With those genres I don’t really expect sex scenes just because these books are lesbian fiction.

But a great erotic romance is something I’ll never say no to as a reader. And writing one was a lot of fun and more work than I ever thought possible. Writing sex scenes, that are at the same time believable, hot, and intimate is really, really difficult.

Interestingly enough, I found over the years that some readers of lesbian fiction want as many sex scenes as possible in their lesbian fiction, while others really don’t. So, if you are looking explicitly for hot, wet sex scenes or you want to avoid them, here’s a handy guide to lesbian fiction sub-genres:

Lesbian romance: Usually contains at least one sex scene. Some may fade to black, where you just see the beginning and then it’s the next day. It’s worth noting that Wikipedia says a romance has a “(…) primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people.“ Notice, that it doesn’t say anything about sex? Nonetheless, if you buy a lesbian romance these days, it often has sex. Even so, some of my favorite romances fade to black.

Lesbian erotica:  Brace yourself for swinging from the chandeliers. There will be sex, more sex and yet there will also be a plot. You will learn about the characters amidst their sweaty fun times, and in some of the better books, there will be intimacy, too. I personally love well written lesbian erotica.

Lesbian porn: Sometimes known as a PWP (Porn Without Plot or Plot, What Plot?). Most often found in fan fiction, this is, as the title says, just an excuse for the ladies to get their kit off and get it on. If you don’t want to read sex scenes, do not touch these books.

Lesbian mystery/thriller/sci-fi/drama/supernatural/everything else: See how it doesn’t say romance, erotica or porn in the sub-genre? That’s because it’s none of these. There may be sex, there may not. There will be lesbian protagonists, though, off saving the day or at least sharing their lives with us on the pages. There will be excitement, action and character development galore. Just do not automatically expect throbbing, moaning or fading to black from your lesbilicious space pirates or private detectives. They may have their hands full with being glorious in other ways. Or not. You just never know!

Astrid Ohletz has an education as a library assistant but worked as a legal secretary for one of the partners of a large, international law firm for more than ten years before she became a publisher. Publishing combines her love of books with her understanding of legal and economic issues.
Being able to publish books where subtext is maintext is a dream come true for Astrid.
In her free time, she writes stories under the pseudonym Emma Weimann.

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