Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Women: Cam and Michelle by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Another Wednesday is here - meet Cam and Michelle, the leading ladies of Claire Highton-Stevenson's novel Out:

I used to have a job driving around the UK in my van delivering blood to hospitals, and I'd spend a lot of time in traffic jams or waiting around. In those moments my mind would wander, and what started off as thoughts about what I would do in certain situations slowly developed into characters that, over time, came to fruition in Camryn and Michelle.

Cam Thomas is a down-to-earth, easy-going Brit from South London. She's tall, blonde, and with her ice blue eyes she certainly makes heads turn, but it isn't until her life is turned upside down that she really finds herself. She is pretty resilient and though she might wallow for a few days, she isn't the kind of woman that just falls apart.

When her life restarts in LA, she finds herself surrounded by people and opportunities that give her a new perspective on who she is, but she has one rule: not to fall in love again.
Her situation has left her guarded and a little afraid, yet she is the most loyal and loving woman anyone would want to meet. Of course, nobody is perfect, and Cam certainly has her issues when it comes to love and relationships. She also has a big thing about taking her clothes off when she's angry! Haha, you'll have to read the book to find out why!

A lot of people assume the title of the book means it’s a coming out story; it's not. Out is the name of the bar Cam owns. It's where she meets Michelle.

Michelle Hamilton is beautiful: raven-haired with deep chocolate-brown eyes. She's confident, driven, and sexy. Known to the world as Shelly Hamlin, she ventures into the bar one night in disguise with the intention of just looking. She has spent her entire life pretending she's straight and not acting on her feelings in order to further her career as an actress, but recently something has been niggling at her that there is more to life. So, she has her own fears and limitations to deal with too.

When she meets Camryn there are sparks between them that neither can deny, and the internal battles that each of them faces produce a scenario that could end it all before it even begins.

Of course, no lesbian romance story is an easy path to happiness, right? But, I do love a happy ending! And the sequel is out in November! 


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