Wednesday Women

Wednesday Women is a feature meant to showcase women characters of all genres. Historical or contemporary, detective or vampire, LGBTQ or straight, all are welcome. Each author brings her leading lady (or ladies) to the table in their own unique ways, and I'm proud to present to you the Wednesday Women guests so far:

Leading Ladies and their authors:


Em by Djuna Shellam

Amy Sadler and Lira Ward by Michelle Arnold

Cam and Michelle by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Maiah Reyes and Eleanor Simpson by Wendy Arthur

Holly and Leo by Jae

Claire and Tamiel by Catherine Lane

Kat and Willow by Raven J. Spencer

Lisa and Senna by Caren Werlinger

Juliet by Annette Mori

Haley Jordan and Dr. Tonya Preston by KD Williamson


Shea Stevens by Dharma Kelleher

Sandee Mason by B. Lynn Goodwin

The Vampire Queen by Jodie Pierce

Randa Florez et al. by Kieran York

Penny Elliot and Carter Forbes by Raven J. Spencer

Kelli McCabe and Nora Whitmore by K. D. Williamson

Ann and Chrissie McCoy (by me)

Cera Raine by Sonnet O'Dell

Sam and Gillian by Emma Weimann

Lou Norton by Rachel Howzell Hall

Catherine Ayers and Lauren King by Lee Winter


Jewel by Rose Montague

Sofia Salgado by Rebecca Cantrell

Cantor Gold by Ann Aptaker (II)

Sara Denning and Emily Wyatt by Anne A. Wilson

Grace Halling by Adrian J. Smith

Katherine Mitchel by K. M. Hodge

Jordan Carpenter and Ellie Harding (by me)

Maggie Anthony by Sandra Morgan

Jade by Skylar Wood

Girls in Ice Houses by Linda Morganstein

The Girls et al. by Sunny Alexander

Sula Comyenti by Natasja Hellenthal

Cantor Gold by Ann Aptaker

Trinity and Graciela by Anastasia Vitsky

Rowan Knight by Liz McMullen

Alicia "Berg" Raymond by Vanessa Skye

Charity Northquest by Catharine Bramkamp

Aspen Kennedi by Melissa Grace


Rachel Cross by J.L. Gaynor

Jayce and Emma (my own)

Jan and Angie by Cindy Rizzo

Alex and Cassidy by Nancy Ann Healy

Chase and Rowan by Rhavensfyre

Delphine Bouchard by R.G. Emanuelle

Women's Murder Club and the Virtual Seasons (by me) Fanfic month

Rizzles by Liv (RizzlesUnlimited) Fanfic month

Subtext and canonical pairings by Ralst Fanfic month

Root/Shaw (Person of Interest) by inspectorboxer Fanfic month

Sonia by Erzabet Bishop

 Meg Tallmadge by Andi Marquette

Luca Bennett by Carsen Taite

Madison Knight by Carolyn Arnold

Samantha Marsh by M. Homer

Alice by K'Anne Meinel 

Izzy Walker by Kelli Jae Baeli

Hannah Vogel by Rebecca Cantrell

Inola Walela by Deborah J. Ledford

Raven by R. A. Odum

Rebecca's Journey (my character)

Jane Lawless by Ellen Hart

Leah Taylor by Trisha Haddad

Brooklyn Parrish by Wodke Hawkinson

The Sisters of Spirit by Yvonne Heidt

Susan Quinn and Jenna James by Kiki Archer

Micky Knight by J. M. Redmann

Jade by Rose Montague

Via by Andi Lea

Amy Hamilton by JAE 

Lunch with Rainey Bell by Decky Bradshaw

The Ladies of Uncommon Romance By Jove Belle


Gennie and Natalia by Cathy Pegau

Lady Elizabeth Prudence White and Rachael Asbury by Linda Hays-Gibbs

Brenna and Cassidy by Lara Zielinsky

Maggie West by Leanna Harrow

Cassandra Farbanks by Sonnet O'Dell

Sophie Penhalligan by Nicky Wells

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