Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hi! This is just to let you know a couple of thing - first, my 25th title, Killer Instinct, is now available on Amazon.

Second, from now on my blog will be over at my website. Hope I'll see you there!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Readers and Authors Lesfic Party - this Sunday!

This party will take place on Facebook - if you love lesfic come by to chat and enter contests for the chance to win great prizes (ebooks, audio, etc.)

You'll find the event here - why not join today?

Monday, September 10, 2018

Mega Lesfic Sale on I Heart Lesfic

Hi all! I'm just checking in quickly to let you all know that the giant sale on I Heart Lesfic starts on Sept. 10th - a ton of lesfic books in all genres, at amazing prices. You can get Autumn Leaves, the first book in the Callie & Rebecca series, for 99cts, my urban fantasy RISE and  Insinuations, #2 in the Carpenter/Harding thriller series. (By the way, the Jayce & Emma series is now complete - these stories are always at 99cts).

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Here's where you find me on Amazon.

Happy Browsing!

Friday, August 17, 2018

I'm back - almost.

 Coming soon!

Even after everything they've figured out together, the future still holds surprises for Jayce & Emma... and some answers lie in the past...

There are still some things to prepare until you get to see the finale of Jayce & Emma's story, but for now, I'm going to leave you with a few lesfic links:

Ends tomorrow! Aug. 18th is the last day to get T.B. Markinson's Confessions of the Heart for free!

Prudence McLeod blogs about her latest release Heir to the Throne.

Now available: Her Sequel by Adan Ramie

Cyprian the Fair (Salvaggio's Light #9) by C.L. Cattano is out now.

Check out QUARTERLING (A Lesbian Young Adult Fantasy): The Story of a Rebel by Natasja Hellenthal.

Authors, have a new release? Contact T.B. Markinson to be included in her I Heart Lesfic newsletter. Want to sign up? You can do so here.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lots of Lesfic - for a great summer (vacation)

This will be my last blog before I'm off for a few weeks. Whether you stay at home to read in your backyard, or have some travel ahead, or hang out at a beach somewhere...there are tons of reads available at great prices, only a click away. Hope you'll have a great time, and I'll meet you at the end of August!

This is not where we are going this summer (but I have lots of imagination!).

Since I have quite a few links, there's no theme for today other than places to discover your summer read(s), and not just books of mine.

1) My Lesfic: This is a weekly newsletter that brings you sales in lesfic - and unlike other book services, in lesfic only. This week (Friday, July 27th), my book Rise (an urban fantasy about witches, vampires and such who side with human woman in the fight against misogyny) is in it, available for 99cts only for a limited time, but this is an easy convenient way to get sales every week.

2) Jae's Book Bingo: Summer Reads. Summer Wine, #4 in the Calllie & Rebecca series, is part of the Summer Reads giveaway. Plus, you can discover a ton of awesome books set in summer for this particular square.

3) AJ Adaire kindly invited me for a guest blog this week. Don't forget to check out her other guests, and, of course, AJ's books here.

4) From fellow lesfic authors:

Beneath The Surface by Rebecca Langham 

Riding The Track by Kara Ripley

Quarterling by Natasja Hellenthal

Anne Hagan's Con Sampler (on sale for July)

5) Not a link, but a glimpse at the schedule for the coming months:

August: The Amnesia Project in audio, narrated by the fab T.J. Richards. It's in production at the moment, and I am in awe of her talent!

September: Thank you for your patience - it's time for Jayce & Emma #5!

October: Cypher, a dystopian thriller

Cover reveals to come later:
December: Killer Instinct, a Christmas thriller
Early 2019: Impressions, Carpenter/Harding #8

Happy Summer! See you soon!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Timeless, bold tales.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Timeless which, sadly, was officially canceled not much later. I still think that it's more important than ever to make sure that history isn't forgotten and stories altered as to what is convenient for the power greedy, real life Rittenhouse people - but today, I wanted to talk about another TV show.

Women working for a magazine in NYC, I'll admit it, would not have been my first choice (you know I like the cops, the lawyers, the PIs in the first place). We stumbled across a preview for The Bold Type when watching The Fosters, and we're so glad we did. To our surprise, we liked it right away, and it's only become better since then. This show about three young women is somewhat fluffy on the surface, but packs a punch when it comes to the issues--and they're not afraid to tackle any of the issues: The Me Too movement, white privilege and wealth privilege, women's health issues, coming out, just about everything you wouldn't imagine, but probably should have.

Seeing so many important subjects addressed makes it interesting every single week, but it doesn't have the same gut punch effect that makes me so uncomfortable with The Handmaid's Tale (something we subject ourselves to as well, because, again, good TV and important issues).

If you agree that politics belongs in art (because politics is a part of everything), you might enhjoy  it too. And since those subjects are universal, it doesn't make you feel old, even if you're not in your mid-twenties anymore like the main characters.

Lesfic links for the week:

You can now order directly from Queen of Swords Press.

Quarterling, A Young Adult Lesbian Fantasy by Natasja Hellennthal can now be pre-ordered.