Friday, January 24, 2014

Callie and Rebecca. Five stars and a teaser.

I received a wonderful review this week here at Read the Rainbow, so I thought it was time to post another excerpt from Autumn Leaves. Since we're getting close to Valentine's Day, why not one with a kiss? And speaking of Valentine's Day, Eternal Press authors will join forces to bring you a big ebook giveaway soon. Read about it and more on Katie McKnight's site where I am a guest this weekend.

If you haven't already, check out the latest Wednesday Women blog, a character interview with JAE's Amy Hamilton.

Now, let me tease you a bit with the world of Callie and Rebecca. If you're intrigued, you can catch up with them in Autumn Leaves and Winter Storm. Book three, Spring Fever, is coming soon, so now's a good time.


 “Stop, sit down, please. You’re making me dizzy.”
“Seems only fair to me. As I’m trying to get it all done, while I
keep thinking how much I want to kiss you!”
Silence fell, but the truth of Rebecca’s statement still rang loud
and clear.
“What do you mean, no? Isn’t this what it’s all been leading
up to? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Rebecca stepped into her personal
space, desperate, demanding, and irresistible.
That’s what you got for playing with fire. It would have been so
easy to just let it happen, forget about the husband and the cute
kids next door. Callie wanted to, badly, her fingers tickling with
the need to touch, bury them in Rebecca’s hair and kiss her senseless.
If she felt dizzy still, it might have been the scent of Rebecca’s
perfume. Familiar. Tempting. However, what she’d told Asha earlier
wasn’t any less true. They weren’t exactly free to make this
“You misunderstood,” Callie said, barely getting the words out.
“I’m sorry, Rebecca. You are an attractive woman, but that doesn’t
mean every lesbian wants to sleep with you.” If that was harsh,
she’d only done it because she had best interests in mind. Hers.
Rebecca’s. Rebecca’s in the first place, because she was just this
altruistic. Callie had nothing to lose but her heart, and for that, it
was too late a long time ago.
“Thank you so much,” Rebecca said, her tone sarcastic, cutting.
“This was such a fucking mistake. I guess I know where I
stand now.”
Callie wasn’t a prude, but the expletive had made her flinch
nonetheless. “You love your family above all else,” she said with
more confidence than she felt. “I’ve seen proof of that over and
over again. So, I’d rather have you mad at me now than hating me
“That’s big on logic, I gotta say. Good night, Callie. See you in
church tomorrow.”
Halfway to the front door, Rebecca turned, her expression defeated,
“I think you’re the one who misunderstood,” she said. “I can’t
hate you. Not when it’s all me.”
She hesitated for a heartbeat, another, then she leaned in until
her lips met Callie’s. Callie waited for a few moments, making
sure Rebecca wouldn’t bolt and run. She allowing the other
woman’s gentle explorations, a chaste careful kiss until Rebecca
dipped her tongue into Callie’s mouth. Asking for permission.
Trembling, unable to stand the anticipation any longer, Callie
finally kissed her back.

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