Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everybody Has a Paris Story: How I Got Here

In the summer of 2009, I sat in this bistro in Paris with a woman I’d met online a few months before. You know how it is, common interests, you start talking and then you realize you’d both planned a trip to Paris. How about we meet for a coffee?

Aside from these exciting prospects, I had planned to get inspired. Isn’t it just a writer’s dream (aside from getting your novel published, that is) to sit in a café in Paris and let your characters come to life on the blank page? Actually, there was some note-taking during a picnic near the Eiffel Tower, and story-plotting, and falling in love as it is appropriate for writers meeting in Paris.

I started writing Autumn Leaves in the fall of 2010, a love story about learning to question misconceptions and prejudice, and following your heart. When it was finished in early 2011, there wasn’t much time to do anything about it, because I was going to Québec City in the summer. In the past year, I got married, the immigration process started and many words written, including a somewhat revised version of Autumn Leaves that recently got accepted for publication.

My advice, should you care for it: go with what - whom - you love, and find your Paris story. The rest will come.

If you come back to this blog, I promise more stories. Thoughts on writing, books, TV and movies, with a feminist spin and an eye on gay rights are likely to find their way in here. I'll keep you updated on Autumn Leaves, too.



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