Friday, September 14, 2012

On A Political ‘Note’: TV Fall Season

These days, keeping up with your favorite shows is a lot trickier than it used to be. Scheduling of various networks, repeats, different season starts--if you really want to be up to date, you’ll have to do your research. Never mind the importance of not getting too attached, because in times when reality TV brings in the ratings and low costs for networks, your favorite show can easily be axed after half a season. Been there, suffered through that. It’s a huge advantage though living in Canada when you’re a fan of US series and spent a lot of your life watching badly dubbed shows for which you had to wait forever. Enough with the complaining--this is what we will watch:


The first reason: for the music. I just love the way that those highly talented kids introduce generations to a music they might not discover otherwise, while paying respect to their own. Many of the songs that are high on the charts I wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for this show, and there’s no style or era that they can’t do.

I’ve laughed, cried and shaken my head about the show and the discussions it sparked in fandom alike, but I commend it for not being afraid to touch subjects that are relevant. To me, the scene of the closeted gay kid attempting suicide was probably hardest to watch--but it’s important to show this in a popular TV. It matters, because things like that don’t just happen on TV, and fiction can get a message across in a powerful way.

Most of all, Glee makes me so happy that my high school days are long over.


This was recommended by a friend. I was skeptical at first, because there are how many variations on this theme? It turned out to be my favorite so far. There are many shows that have a ‘strong woman’ character, fewer who have archetypal heroines. Showing women on TV doesn’t always mean that you can find a portrayal of female friendship that is realistic. It’s rare. Since with very few exceptions, these characters are straight, there’s always the precarious balance of trying not to overshadow the friendship by romance.

Another big plus is humor at the right time, and appropriately dosed.

Fans asked for a third season in a trending topic on twitter, and rightly so.

The Good Wife

I am stunned that a show I like is actually coming back for a fourth season, because frankly, that has never happened before. This show is so perfect it intimidates me as a writer, and viewer. The characters are so well defined and complex you appreciate even those you don’t like. You change your mind back and forth on them.

To me, the heart of the show is the friendship of Alicia and Kalinda. It’s told in such a smart and understated way that The Good Wife made it past the Hollywood glass ceiling for stories of women conspiring together. It’s incredibly clever marketing. I’m also glad that on occasion it brings back women from shows I’ve loved and that have been cancelled.


If it’s rare to see women in power in good, scripted TV, it’s even rarer for women of color. Aside from the political, feminist aspect here, the character of Olivia Pope is as badass as they come and just delightful to watch.

Those are going to be the ‘regulars’, with the occasional episode of shows that feature favorite actresses. So if you happen to stumble across this blog, I’d like to hear from you. Is there any new show you are excited about, a cliffhanger of a recurring one that kept you wondering? No time to watch TV because you’re busy writing or reading? I want to know.



  1. Oh, Scandal sounds interesting, I might just check it out. You know I'm watching The Good Wife as well. Less than that it's British TV for me: Doctor Who and Sherlock.
    The Doctor for his crazyness, the fun stories and most of all River Song. She only appears once in a while, but she's such a badass heroine that I can wait for her. Amy Pond is also amazing. So, male lead, but two strong women too.
    Sherlock, well, because I love the fact that he solves riddles with intellect not his fists. I also really like the modernized version of the characters. And from time to time there are great female characters as well.

    1. We're kind of glad it's not too many this season, because we'll be busy, busy, busy : -- and I'm sure Scandal, as well as Nikita, is something you would like. A lot of people on my tumblr timeline are into Sherlock and Dr. Who (also some old lj friends).