Friday, September 28, 2012

Right Now

First round of edits--done.

Deadline and release date--drawing closer.

These little tidbits of information are probably telling you a lot about my current state of mind. I’ve worked with beta readers for a long time, so someone taking a close look at my writing is not new to me. No doubt these prior experiences have made the process quick and painless so far. It’s thrilling from a writer’s point of view when someone can connect to your characters on first contact.

Then again, this year, everything is new, because Autumn Leaves will be my first published novel. I’m fascinated by everything there is to learn about how a story evolves into a book. Whenever the scale tipped from “exciting” to “scary”, or in times that were just plain waiting periods, I wrote, working on the backlist. Soon it will be time to put all of this aside, because the “firstborn” will be out there, getting all the care and attention.

By the way--you’re all invited to the birthday party on November 1st!

(Picture credit: Vicki Clarke. Thank you!)

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