Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks, Politics and Fiction

A random snapshot of my life: me, sitting in my office in the house I share with my wife, pondering marketing opportunities for my book. There are many aspects in this picture I’m grateful about, but even more so when you take a closer look:

Marriage equality is one of the biggest human rights issues of our time, and while ground has been gained in the past months and years, many places in the world still have a long way to go. There are places where it’s legal to fire a person just for being gay, and there are places where it’s a criminal offense.

The internet makes it a small world that brings us closer together, and so we have the chance to learn many more individual stories than we ever could before. Authors benefit from a community that gives advice on their work and career. Friends and family connect. Activists promote their cause--and on the internet, we hear about the status of LGBT and women’s rights around the world. Sometimes, I share these petitions against the advice of some blog posts of late that you should stay away from all political statements.

I understand what they mean to say--that readers want a story more than a political dispute. I also believe that readers pick up certain stories for a reason, and that they can identify with a variety of characters. Fiction will always be this, drama, angst, love, sensuality and laughter--it’s supposed to be entertaining, after all--but your characters come with a certain premise and message.

Gratitude makes you aware of your riches. I believe that everyone should be able to tell their story without fear, and be with the one they love. What you see is what you get: online and in my books.

Thank you for listening.

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