Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Killing The Desire by Leanna Harrow

I was intrigued by this book at first sight. This is what I found underneath the cover(s):

Genre: Thriller/Erotica
(Picture provided by author)

Life is tough for Rose Harlow: She finds her mother murdered in a bathtub full of bleach, and she has to deliver the news to her siblings and the estranged father. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with for one woman, she falls hard for the detective on the case. He is attracted to her as well, and one thing leads to another. However, the future of their relationship is uncertain, especially when Rose begins to suspect that Detective Mason and the killer might be one and the same.
Fortunately, Rose Harlow is tough too.

Leanna Harrow’s Killing the Desire is a fast-paced and enjoyable read, with a heroine who doesn’t take no for an answer, in her personal and professional life. She’s a law student, but not always going by the book during her own investigation into her mother’s case. And then there’s the blazing hot affair with the detective which could cost him his job--or Rose her life.
There were twists and turns in this book that I didn’t see coming (which as an avid reader of the thriller genre, I probably should have), which is always a plus.

I liked that even though Rose honored her mother’s wishes for her, and proudly so, she also dared to make different choices and trust her instincts. She takes control of her life and sexuality. Eventually, the pieces fall into place just like the pieces of the puzzle that is Becks Harlow’s murder.

 Killing the Desire is highly entertaining from the thriller reader’s point of view (I read it in one sitting), but if you’re in it for the erotica, Harrow delivers as well.

Buy Killing The Desire at Eternal Press or Amazon.

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