Thursday, April 18, 2013

LGBT Event Blog Hop let you know that my own giveaway will run until 

the LGBT event is over. The winner will be randomly chosen and notified May1. 

On how to enter for the event grand prize, check out Scorching Reviews (

 On to the Scorching Reviews LGBT blog hop!

I'm up today with my post, and there's a grand prize for the event. In addition, I'll give away one e-copy of 

Autumn Leaves. To enter, just leave a comment here or directly on the post. Good luck!

For the grand prize, follow directions on the Scorching Reviews site!


  1. Love, Love, Loved this book! ;)

  2. Hey Barbara., I would so love to read this! It's in my 'want now but can't have' basket.

  3. Your entry is "in the hat"--good luck! :)