Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winter Storm(s) and Summer Plans: Excerpt

This is what it looks like in Québec City today--perfect to curl up in bed or on the couch with a book, isn't it? You can catch up with the stories of Callie and Rebecca here with book two, Winter Storm. Meanwhile, I'm not only working on the Spring installment, but I also have a surprise for you this summer. I'll reveal it right here on Word Affair, soon, so please bear with me.

 Below, you can check out an excerpt of Winter Storm, and by the way, when you visit the Eternal Press website, you'll find a different one.

“Everything is working out fine…with Dina?”
“Oh yes.” He smiled. “That New York trip really inspired her.
She’s now looking into exchange programs and scholarships. That
tutor we got her for chemistry and physics also really made a
Rebecca opened her mouth then thought twice about a retort.
That was something David had decided with Susan, obviously,
because she didn’t know about it. Dina hadn’t considered it necessary
to tell her either.
“Would be great if that lasts. I’m afraid, though, at the moment,
she is really into that boy Tomaso.”
“Nice boy. We said hello online.”
“Oh. You did?”
“Sure. You always say it’s important to keep track of what they
do on the internet.”
“True. You want some tea?”
“I’ll have it. Thanks.” He went to the counter to get his cup,
moving confidently like he wasn’t the guest here. After they’d
shared almost twenty years of their lives, Rebecca couldn’t find it
in herself to blame him.
“Weird, isn’t it, to have strangers walk around in your home
and discuss what they’ll change.”
“Yes.” Only it isn’t ours anymore—or home.
“The weather’s been crazy,” David said, probably sensing she
didn’t want to deepen the subject. “The last time it was like this,
you were pregnant with—”
It was risky, the doctor said, but both she and David had wanted
that baby so badly. There had been a lot of appointments in the
early stages, lots of driving in the snow.
Rebecca cupped her tea mug in both hands, letting the warmth
reorient her in the present. It was normal for people who had
shared a big part of their life to have a conversation like this. They
needed to give that time the credit it deserved.
There was a small clank as David sat his cup down on the
counter, and then he reached out to brush his hand over Rebecca’s
hair gently, his fingertips tickling her neck.
For a split second, she could make herself pretend it was okay.
Then she all but jumped to her feet, putting space between them.
He met her gaze calmly, his own devoid of apology.
“What do you think? We had sixteen years. Counting from our
wedding day, that is.”
“I am aware of that.”
“If you can just brush off every feeling we had for each other,
congratulations, Rebecca, because I can’t.”
“But…” What about Susan? What about the fact that we both
made up our minds and it wasn’t for each other?
“You started it. You walked out on me. Don’t tell me what to
“I’m sorry, I didn’t…” There were many ways to finish, but none
of them seemed to be the right thing to say. I didn’t know. That
would make her look stupid. I didn’t mean to hurt you. She had
“I need to go. I’ll call you when I hear about the offer.”
He didn’t wait for an answer.
Rebecca put both cups into the sink, resisting the urge to just
slam them. She had no right to tell Callie how to deal with a relationship
that refused to be over.

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