Monday, June 3, 2013

Coming attractions!

I'm just leaving this here so you'll know where to catch me in the next few weeks, or simply if you don't want to miss the awesome giveaways that will take place between June 5th and July 9th. Have fun!

~~~ June ~~~

5: Wednesday Women guest: Nicky Wells

6: Interview on Allaine's Femslash4Fans show, 10:15 p.m. EST

8: Book Cover Competition @ the Book Boost -- it would be great if you give some love to Autumn Leaves! It's Pride month after all.

12: Wednesday Women guest: Sonnet O'Dell

16: Featured guest at The Writer's Chatroom.

14-17: Spot-on @ the Virtual Living Room: Lesfic with kids

 From VLR:

"Spot-On: Lesbian Moms in Lesbian Fiction aka cute kids, June 14-17

There a quite a few lesbian novels which feature Lesbian Moms / cute kids.
We want to chat about it and the following authors will be joining us at the
virtual living room: Karin Kallmaker, Lara Zielinsky, Sunny Alexander,
Melissa Brayden, Joann Lee, Barbara Winkes, Clare Ashton, PJ Treblehorn"
19: Wednesday Women guest: Leanna Harrow 

26: Wednesday Women guest: Linda Hays-Gibbs

27: Writer's Kaboodle Twitter Interview with Sezoni Whitfield. Use the hashtag #writerskaboodle

~~~ July ~~~

3: Wednesday Women guest: Lara Zielinsky

My guests will have book links etc. with their individual posts, but here you can take a first look.
Each guest has graciously offered an e-copy of one of their releases (Details to come). You can enter by leaving a comment on their respective posts. The winner will be chosen on the next Tuesday after each post.

A huge thanks you to all of you who'll be my guest, and who have invited me--and of course, all of YOU! Hope to see you on one of those occasions.

If you enjoyed Autumn Leaves and Winter Storm, look out for Secrets (standalone) in November, and Spring Fever not too far behind. The Wednesday Women will resume in September.

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