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Wednesday Women: Lady Elizabeth Prudence White & Rachael Asbury

For this week's Wednesday Women, I welcome the winner of the Book Boost Cover 
Linda Hays-Gibbs. She interviews her heroines Pru and Rachael.
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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls Interview for Barbara Winkes
Linda Hays-Gibbs:
Let me introduce you to: Lady Elizabeth Prudence White
Hello Lady White would you tell me what happened to you? Just relate your story.
Pru:  First of all call me Pru and I must decide where to begin.
Linda Hays-Gibbs:  Well just start with what started your story?
Pru:  First of all my parents were killed in an accident and all I had left was 
my handsome twin brother, Michael David Densington White, who was the Sixth Earl 
of White. We were so much alike we could finish each other's sentences. I was so 
spoiled and sheltered I had no idea about the world. In fact you could call me a 
very silly chit.
Linda Hays-Gibbs: It must have been so hard losing your parents at seventeen?
Pru:  Yes it was but the worst was when Michael went to war. I thought I would 
not live if anything happened to him.
Linda Hays-Gibbs:  Something did happen to your brother too didn't it?
Pru:  Yes, unfortunately he wanted to fight 
Napoleon along with my betrothed.
Linda Hays-Gibbs: That was a horrific battle. I know I was glad I wasn't there 
and didn't see it.
Pru: I didn't see it but I went out right after searching for Michael. It was so 
horrible. If it had not been for a stranger that held me in his arms in the 
night and a dog that adopted me, I would have gone insane.
Linda Hays-Gibbs: You did not go insane though and in fact you are a much 
stronger woman.
Pru: Yes, I had to realize I must take care of myself. I had to grow up. I also 
had to fight the advances of strange men and even vampires, angels and ghosts. 
It has been a growing experience. I found I could survive and overcome.
Linda Hays-Gibbs: I know your parents would be so proud of you.
Pru: Thank you I feel like I can make the right decisions about my life now and 
find the right love for my life.
Thank you for having me for this interview.
Linda Hays-Gibbs:  Well, thank you for coming. It was a pleasure to talk with 
Pru is too innocent and good to be true but in fact Pru is an angel.
 Book Boost Cover Competition Winner
The second lady heroine is in Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul and her name 
is Rachael Asbury and she finds out she is an angel with really strange powers. 
Rachael can smell, taste, hear, see and sense or feel evil. This makes her grow 
up and discover the man she  loves in her dreams is a very nasty fellow, an 
assassin from hell.
Rachael: Well, I had to leave him. He was an assassin of the devil. I could not 
handle that. I told him to stop killing people. He wanted to kill me. Can you 
imagine ? I was sure I would feint but I didn't. I left him but he followed me. 
I changed when I realized I could not hide from life. I had to face it and make 
the best out of life. I was very angry too. I discovered my wings and the man I 
love. He changed for me after I left him.
Linda Hays-Gibbs: I really appreciate interviewing both of you gorgeous ladies. 
Lady Pru with your blue eyes and blonde hair. You are so beautiful and tiny. You 
look like an angel.  Of course,you do too Rachael with your golden eyes and 
multicolored hair. Both of you proved your courage and abilities. Thank you 
sweet angel girls for showing us we can do anything if we don't give up. It was 
a pleasure talking with you.
Pru and Rachael: Thank you Linda and remember to follow your heart but make sure 
the love of your life is real and not a figment of your imagination. Pru: or a 
bloodsucking vampire! Rachael: or a ghoul from hell. Laughter...
About Linda
Thanks, Linda, Pru & Rachael! And now... 

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