Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Women: Raven by R. A. Odum

Welcome R.A. Odum and her leading lady Raven from her YA novel Captured Minds for today's Wednesday Women! Raven is here for an interview today. Thanks for visiting!

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Captured Minds Character Interview:

1.       What do you believe to be your greatest strength?
                R: Oh Goodness, I don’t know. I guess my greatest strength would be that I am in tune with how people are feeling. I don’t like to see my family and friends upset.
2.       A lot of people look up to you, especially teens. How has this changed you, if at all?
R: I don’t think it’s changed me all that much but it has made me more aware of others and how they see me. I am more aware of what I say and do now (laughs).

3.       Do you have anyone you admire or look up to?
                R: Mila. I think she’s amazing and so brave. If I lost my father I couldn’t run a country or even half a country for that matter.  It’s her that got us through the last few weeks.  I’m so grateful to her.
4.       Any plans to go to college either in Zoar or the Other World?
R: You know, I haven’t really thought that far. I do want to experience college and see what I can learn but I also want to help kids like myself. We’re all in this crazy journey together and we need to support each other in any way we can.

5.       Last question, you mentioned Mila, Zoar’s ruler. How has Zoar changed since she became ruler?
R: (chews on nails) I’m not really sure, honestly. I do know there’s a lot more Other World stuff here than before but that’s okay. Like I said, I have seen how brave she is and I know that she’ll lead this land to the best of her ability.

Thank you so much for your time, Raven and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

RA Odum grew up and still lives in Georgia. Her love for writing and stories started in her grandmother's attic and never stopped. Born sixteen weeks early and loss of vision in one eye, RA faces obstacles head on. From the time she was very small, she has had a host of characters in her head, screaming for their stories to be told. When she is not writing, she loves to spend time with her family, sing and read. She also enjoys learning and teaching others American Sign Language. She hopes her novels will inspire and make a difference.
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  2. Welcome R A. I enjoyed reading your mini bio ,look forward to reading Raven.