Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A sexy blog, and Spring Fever Cover reveal!

Okay, the sexy blog can be found here at Women and Words. I speculate on the amount, expected and real, of sex scenes in lesbian fiction. You know you want to read it, right? There's a giveaway too, so hop over there right after taking a look at...

Coming August 1st, 2014: Spring Fever "What doesn't kill love...makes it stronger"

There's obviously a concept to the series which is reflected in the cover art as well. Credits go to Eternal Press's cover artist Dawne Dominique for yet another beautiful reflection of Callie and Rebrecca, and where they are in their life and love story at this point.

Callie has a hard decision to make when her ex Nicole tries to blackmail her with an old secret. The timing couldn’t be worse as Maggie still suffers from nightmares that appear to be related to previous traumatic events.
Andy, a new resident, is eager to make friends and promote the prejudice Callie and Rebecca have grown tired of. They have learned that trust is the most important thing in a relationship, and when you have it, hate can’t touch you.
Watch out for the 4th and last part of the series, Summer Wine, next year.

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