Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday: Spring Fever

When their story starts (Autumn Leaves) Rebecca Lowman hasn't been personally confronted with homophobia until she, in her late thirties, falls for another woman and dares to be who she feels she truly is.
A world of expectations is crumbling: From her community, her family, her circle of friends, and, lastly, herself.
From the first excitement of falling in love, there's a feel of confusion, homelessness, in book 2, Winter Storm. Callie and Rebecca are together, but they still live in somewhat separate worlds, or so it seems. When most of what you believed to be true, isn't anymore, where do you belong?
They work through all those questions and doubts, even after the confrontation with Callie's ex, and some unfriendly townspeople, and when Spring arrives in Autumn Leaves, an evolution has taken place. Rebecca has learned to listen and learn, and she gets over the guilt, but also over feeling intimidated by Callie and her friends who came out at a much younger age. In realizing that this community is hers too, despite the differences in background and experiences, she manages to handle diversity from strangers and even her husband differently.

Before Rebecca, Callie has had serious doubts that she'd find a woman who would stay with her--or she could stay with. After the abusive relationship with Nicole, on and off "beneficial" friendship with Asha and some in between, she has to believe that Rebecca not only turned up her own life upside down to be with her, but wants to stay.

“Damn it,” Callie swore as the zipper of her dress got stuck again. There was a reason for her to be nervous. She could do the small town life in reasonable doses—brunch, church, the occasional restaurant visit. Today, almost everyone in town would be present. Roz was born and raised in Autumn Leaves, and her new business would attract lots of attention—hopefully buying customers too. Rebecca stepped in to solve the zipper problem, laughing softly.
“Don’t worry. I swear, this time, neither of us is going to be the center of attention.” Callie smiled at their reflection in the mirror—the warm touch going a long way to calm her nerves. It was true. They had walked in each other’s world—Callie, when she’d sat in church, witnessing Rebecca telling the truth to the whole congregation. Rebecca had accompanied Callie to a book gala earlier this year—a beautiful time unfortunately overshadowed by Nicole’s return. The separation didn’t exist anymore. There weren’t any two worlds, just the one they shared. The realization made her tear up.
“Yeah, I know,” Rebecca said. “That’s a lot of progress we made. Today is Roz’s day though. She really earned it.”
“You had a part in it too. You gave her great promotion materials.”
“It was fun to do, but now, I think we should get the girls and actually go?” Callie cast a rueful look at the immaculately made bed.
“It will be fine,” Rebecca assured her. “Just think of ways to work off all that cake and champagne we’re going to have.”
“You think Miss Romano will be there?” Callie asked, her cheeks burning. The change of topic was on purpose. Otherwise, there was a chance they’d never leave this room.
“I hope so. I want to know which parent in Maggie’s class is harassing my child, and once I do, I’d like to have a private chat with them.” “Yes, me too. Okay. Let’s go meet the townspeople.” Rebecca was right. There would be no more talk behind their backs than usual. It had gotten a lot less in the past few months, and eventually, no one would care.

From the first irresistible attraction, to some sobering realities, to the present in Spring Fever, Callie and Rebecca's relationship has become stronger, and they need that certainty to deal with the challenges they face...until their story becomes full circle in Summer Wine (coming 2015).

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