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Wednesday Women: Aspen Kennedi by Melissa Grace

Happy New Year! And with the first blog of the year, the Wednesday Women are back in town--this week Melissa Grace's Aspen Kennedi comes to visit and bears a gift: If you'd like to win an e-book of Aspen's Stunt, please leave a comment on this blog (giveaway ends Tuesday Jan 13th, noon EST).
PS: Thanks for starting the WW blogs this year, Melissa, and I'm sure your German would sound just fine! :)
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Happy 2015 everyone! Before I introduce Aspen Kennedi to you, I would like to thank Barbara Winkes for inviting me to participate in her Wednesday Women Blog. On a side note, some day I would love to practice speaking German with Barbara, but alas, I am sure she would think I sound an awful lot like a dyslexic Tarzan.


So now onto my new release, Aspen’s Stunt:



Aspen’s Stunt

Lesfic Romance Novel


Synopsis: Aspen Kennedi is a courageous and gifted motocross rider, living in a small town with her Father on their farm in Christmas Valley, Oregon. When the bank threatens to put the farm—which has been in their family for generations—into foreclosure, they search desperately for a way to save it.


Fortunately, Hollywood calls! They would like to hire Aspen as a stunt double for the famous actress, Wren Emerson. Willing to do anything to keep the farm, the naïve Aspen agrees to leave her home long enough to endure the rigorous film schedule and dangerous and demanding stunt double role under the command of the productions renowned director and prominent producer.


The first awkward meeting she has with the actress eventually flourishes into a friendship Aspen never thought possible. Despite the hometown boy who pines for Aspen’s heart, and the productions staff that think Wren should date whom they deem acceptable, the two girls can’t deny their growing desires for one another.


Aspen must now complete one more stunt. One that she hopes will overcome all the unrelenting obstacles they face, and will keep her home and heart in harmony, happily together.




Aspen’s first letter to her dad since arriving in LA:


Hi Daddy,


            Well, it’s been a whole week in California and I’m still going strong. My Stunt Coach, Jasper, is great and between you and me, has interesting fashion sense. With his dark, lopsided hair and pea-sized holes in his earlobes, I feel I must look pretty normal in full motocross gear. The Extra’s joke that I look like a Storm Trooper. Anyway, Jasper is very pleased with my aerials and has me on a very rigorous workout routine. I’m going to be able to do triple the work when I get back to the farm.

            Speaking of the farm…I miss it. I miss you. I hope my working down here in Hollywood isn’t making it too hard for you in Christmas Valley. I am going to finish this stunt job and bring home enough money that we won’t have to worry about our home going into foreclosure again. That’s my promise to you and you know a promise is a promise and can’t be broken. You’re such an incredible dad and wonderful provider, I am so glad I can do this for us. I’m sure mom even watches us from heaven and smiles at us with pride. I love you so much.

            The actress I am a stunt double for seems to be nice enough, although I don’t think that she likes that Director Wolff has told her to spend her extra downtime with me. He wants her to discuss scenes and such with me before they happen, but I think Wren has other plans she would prefer to tend to. She’s not really mean about it, but she sure isn’t friendly, either.

            Our hair and make-up person, Kerri, is nice. She invited me out to coffee the other day. I can’t believe how many coffee options there are here. It’s crazy!

            Well, I better get this in the mail to you so you can get it soon and not worry so much about me. Love you with all my heart!





Aspen’s second letter to her father:


Hi Daddy,


Today was rough. The other stunt double, Malachi, is a lot like those obnoxious competitors I race with from time to time at competitions. Now, I don’t want you to go and worry about me. I can certainly handle him… and I did, but I sure am happy to have this pen and paper in hand to vent.

Can you believe he T-boned me? Really, I’m okay, but he did get me pretty riled up. Not as riled up as Wren, though. The actress I told you about in my last letter? Well, she told him off and I think everyone was in shock. Even me. She’s a lot nicer than I realized and we have been becoming more and more like friends. Oh, and she think’s it’s pretty neat that I actually “write” to you than just up and text. Most people here think it’s crazy that my mobile phone can’t text. That seems to be what most people do around here when taking breaks.

Well, I know this is a short letter, but I’ve gotta get to set. I love you many times over. 





Aspen’s third letter to her father:


Hi Daddy,


Well, I’m am probably going to see you before this letter even makes it to Christmas Valley, Oregon. Yup, Director Wolff said we get to take some time off and I’ll be leaving first thing in the morning.

Obviously I will be using my phone later on to call you and let you know I’m coming and that Wren is coming with me. I’m sure you won’t mind and you are going to love her. We are going to take turns driving her car since her fans at airports and buses can make travel difficult.

Director Wolff said I can teach Wren some dirt bike riding skills. It’ll help with this movie we are making. I think I am going to take her out to the sand dunes. They are lot more forgiving when you fall.

Anyway, gotta go get packed. If I had an I Miss You Chart, the line showing how much I miss you would be off the chart.

And one more thing. Wren is teaching me how to cook, so keep the fire extinguisher nearby. Hope you are laughing as much as I am right now. Love you so much!





p.s. Please don’t tell Trigg I’m coming home.



About the Author

Melissa Grace is known to unexpectedly break out in ninja moves. An engineer, avid motorcyclist, devoted martial artist and passionate violinist, she grew up in Hanover, NH believing she would someday become a stunt woman. While she enjoys many opportunities for exploration of the world around her, her most treasured journey has been building a life with her family in Texas.


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Twitter: @MelissaGraceITB

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