Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Women: Jade by Skylar Wood

Good morning, Wednesday Women fans! This week, I present to you Jade, leading lady in Skylar Wood's erotica novel, a woman who has everything money can buy--but can she find love, too? Let's find out, and don't forget to check out Skylar on the world wide web (links below).

Thanks Jade & Skylar for visiting!

Jade is a rich girl meets poor girl love story. It is similar to "Pretty Woman" but with two females in the starring roles. The sensual element is firmly entrenched throughout the story. It is highly erotic and explicit so it is for 18+ only and some adults may find it offensive.

Jade is a high powered entrepreneur who should have it all but lacks real connection in her life. In a world ruled by superficiality she has lost herself. Seeking to escape, she becomes immersed in a secret sexual fantasy world to alleviate the stresses that occupy her daily life. She develops an intense online relationship with a young escort by the name of Twylla Star. One thing leads to another and Jade arranges to meet Twylla for an unfettered sexually free weekend in Las Vegas. What she didn’t expect to do was to fall head over heels for the lovely Twylla.

Twllya Star, whose real name is Stacey Jackson, is beautiful but that’s the only thing she feels she has going for her. Exploited at a young age by those she trusted and then later by those who purchased her services, she is weary of the lifestyle and all its inherent ugliness. Lacking any skills to move beyond it she feels trapped and sees Jade as a way out of it.

Jade too is weary of the life she leads and even with all the trappings of the ‘good life’ she is far from happy. Not satisfied with only a weekend in Stacey’s company she decides on a whim to leave it all behind and spend three weeks travelling on the road with her.

As the two women spend more time together a deeper more profound relationship grows that is beyond what wealth or beauty has to offer. They connect to each as soul mates and their journey together now becomes one of self-discovery and hope.

Jade realizes how trite and meaningless all her material wealth is without having true love in her life. She has been emotionally empty for a long time. Now with Stacey she is content in a way that she’s never been before.

As she spends time with Jade, Stacey realizes she is more than a beautiful face and body. Her intelligence and innate goodness is what will last far beyond her physical attributes that will fade over time. Growing in confidence with Jade’s belief and support in her, Stacey knows she can move beyond the tawdry life she had come to loathe. She now believes she can leave it behind once and for all.

Jade is a story of sexuality but it is also a story of love and discovery. Two people from very disparate worlds can come together and connect at a level that gives real meaning to their lives.


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