Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Women: Jordan Carpenter and Ellie Harding

After a little break, we'll kick off the Wednesday Women with Ellie and Jordan, one of my pairings in the recently released Indiscretions. And this blog comes with a giveaway! Please leave a comment and your email address, and your name will be entered into the hat--winners, as usual, will be drawn the next Tuesday, noon EST. I'm giving away an e-book of Indiscretions.

Find it here (available for Kindle Unlimited).

These are the leading ladies:
Jordan and Ellie lead messy lives (we’ll get to that later), but they are committed to one thing: Finding a killer who thinks women who break the rules, whose behavior he considers “immoral,” should be punished.

 Officer Ellie Harding is back at work after she was attacked on her way home. She is determined not to let the doubts and nightmares get to her. She has decided that life owes her. Before, she would have never given in to the attraction to a woman already taken. The confrontation with the fact that life is short and can change drastically in a heartbeat changes everything.

 Jordan has been in an unhappy relationship with her partner Bethany for a long time. She can’t stay, she can’t seem to get out and with the job she has to do, she doesn’t have time to figure out how to turn her life around. Ellie, eager and irresistible, fits quite well into a dysfunctional pattern.

Indiscretions…transgressions…consequences. You never know who knows.

This book features an excerpt of the sequel Insinuations, scheduled for November this year. Happy reading--and come back for more Wednesday Women!


  1. I'm intrigued and want to know more. I'd love to read this book!

    1. Cheryl, since there were only 2 entries, I decided you're both lucky! Please let me know your email address and whether you prefer mobi or PDF.

  2. looks interesting, I like the cover.

    1. Hello Barbara, please let me know where to send the ebook, and which format (mobi or PDF) you'd like. Congrats! :)