Saturday, February 13, 2016

All the suspense - in one place!

I am writing in different genres, but if you like a quick overview, here comes the suspense:

Amber Alert (Standalone, $2.99): Someone is kidnapping children of lesbian and gay parents. For Detective Ann McCoy, one of those cases becomes personal: Her two-year-old niece is missing. As a straight woman, she's never before been confronted with the kind of prejudice her sister Chrissie and wife Rachel encounter. And sometimes, it doesn't stop at preaching hate...

The cover was inspired by a children's shoe lost on the side of the road I saw during a walk (I'm always wondering about the story when I see a lost glove, shoe, etc.). On the same day, I had read the headline about the outrageous statement the head of a hate group had made, and the story was there.

The Carpenter/Harding thriller series ($3.99 each, free for Kindle Unlimited): #1 Indiscretions: A detective and a rookie officer hunt a serial killer with "morals"...
#2 Insinuations: For detective Jordan Carpenter, the search for an escaped felon leads to unwelcome revelations about her family history.

Coming this May: #3, Incisions.

Secrets (Standalone, $2.99): All Marsha wanted was a peaceful vacation and time to take a good hard look at her life choices. The encounter with an irresistible hitchhiker and a serial killer present a sharp detour from those goals.

Jayce & Emma (short romantic suspense, $0.99 each, free for Kindle Unlimited: #1: Halfway Home: Two women meet in a halfway house. They are attracted to each other, but there are many secrets between them, some dangerous.

#2: Familiar Places: Life after the halfway house isn't all that easy for Jayce and Emma, as familiar places are drawing them back in.

The release of #3 is planned for this spring.

Thank you for checking them out--and please let me know what you think! Happy Suspense Saturday!

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