Monday, November 14, 2016

Due to unforeseen events...A new release date (and a cover reveal)

...I have always written what I wanted to see in the world. In my debut Autumn Leaves, a woman stands up in church to reclaim what has always been a safe space for her, and confronts her bullies. I write about women who hunt down serial killers, because for me, this genre has always been a metaphor for fighting patriarchy. Amber Alert is about a straight woman who is beginning to understand what her lesbian sister deals with in a hetero-centric world, when her niece is kidnapped. I write about women loving other women. Women who are friends and respect each other in a private and professional context, women who succeed. My latest release, Rise, was, of course, about the paranormal allies stepping in to help human women end misogyny once and for all.

I have always believed that equality is the end game, and that humanity can get there, if not in my lifetime, at least at some point--and that the media, fiction in movies, TV and books, can speed up the process by opening hearts and minds. These days, I am not at all certain that all of this is still true--but life must go on somehow. I've decided to move up the release date of Intrusions, the 4th Carpenter/Harding novel.

You will be able to purchase it or borrow it through Kindle Unlimited/Prime at the end of this week.

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