Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cover Reveal: Autumn Leaves, Winter Storm, Spring Fever and...Summer Wine!

Coming soon!
From March 15th to March 18th, the story of Callie and Rebecca will return with new covers and a new--the final--part, Summer Wine. All books will be available through Kindle Unlimited.

It's been a long road with some unexpected detours, and I apologize to the readers who have waited this long--I hope the conclusion will be worth it. Autumn Leaves was my debut novel back in 2012, and a lot has changed since then. I finally created my thriller series with the Carpenter/Harding books, as I always wanted. I even wrote urban fantasy (RISE).

Publishing Summer Wine has always been part of the plan, and I'm happy that the wait is almost over.

Autumn Leaves is a coming out story. Not all of my books are, as characters are in different stages of their lives. However, I do think that this type of story is still relevant. It continues to be until it is safe for every LGBT person to come out, and be out, no matter where they are.

For the occasion, I plan to do a Facebook Author Takeover event. (Lesfic Romance and Summer Wine). If you're an interested reader, or an author who'd like to promote their work in a one-hour-slot, please let me know.

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