Friday, June 23, 2017

Open Spaces - about the story

It's here now! After the blurb and link, I'll give you some fun facts about this story - and if that leaves any question open, please just ask!

A chance encounter and instant attraction: For one night, it doesn’t matter that Lauren and Summer lead different lives, with different obligations and dreams. The morning after and the following weeks leave them with many questions.
Could there be a chance for something beyond the obvious connection and chemistry, and how much compromise is involved? Lauren and Summer must find the answers together, as they navigate this new relationship.

- Song that was playing on repeat while writing it: Chely Wright, It Was. To me, it was the perfect song reflecting the theme, about two people who weren't even completely aware of what they were longing for until they met each other. When you know, you know.

- Genre specifics: So often, that's in the eye of the beholder. Open Spaces is a romance in the first place. I added "erotic" to make sure you're aware of some subtle differences to my previous romance books. The heat is up by a bit! However, depending on what's your favorite kind of romance, you still might see this as a sweet romance. I look forward to your feedback.

- Overdone? In the past few years, I've heard that sometimes, too many stories where protagonists fall in love too quickly, too much romance overall--I consider that a challenge. It is my personal experience that two people can fall in love fairly quickly when the time and chemistry is right, and besides...I don't think any story is ever overdone. There's always a new way to tell it.

- The goal? To have you escape into Lauren and Summer's romance this summer. I'll be back in the fall with a heavier, more politics-oriented story.

- Happy weekend & Enjoy the read! Open Spaces is also available for Kindle Unlimited.

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