Friday, October 13, 2017

Redis-Cover Open Spaces

Open Spaces came out at the end of June as planned, but at the same time, some other, big, unexpected things happened. I went for my citizenship test at the beginning of June (we had thought it might happen next year). Since we had already booked a trip to visit family in Germany, I needed to get my new passport ASAP, and then there was some more paperwork and travel preparations. The actual trip.

 I feel like I haven't given Lauren and Summer the space they deserve, so...I'm going to change that.

Open Spaces got a new cover.

Something someone said in a conversation some months ago, stuck with me. Readers should be able to derive from the cover what the story is all about, and while cover #1 was done with that in mind, I realized the focus could be more accurate. So here they are.

I love to play with themes that some people say are overdone - in my opinion, there's no such thing, and it all depends on how you tell the story. Lauren and Summer start off with a one-night-stand, and for a short time, everything is easy before it gets complicated. Is it even possible to have a relationship out of a quick unexpected encounter? What if two people who are madly attracted to each other, find out they lead very different lives in the light of day? The two of them will venture into these open spaces, but there are no guarantees for anyone.

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