Friday, July 6, 2012

Different Wor(l)ds

Everybody knows that coffee is essential to a writer’s life. So, in today’s post I’m going to write about coffee.

 No, that’s not all. In the past year, I changed a lot more than writing and coffee habits by moving not just to another country, but continent, to be with the person I love. Everybody had their ideas about what would be the easiest, hardest or most challenging adjustments to make. A friend told me that you should be a certain age when you immigrate to another country, because the longer you wait, the harder you’ll find it to exchange some of the things you know for new customs and rules. I don’t know about the age factor. I believe that you can learn at any time of your life (brain science does support that, by the way).

What has all of this to do with coffee?

I learned that the adjustments, the fun and the challenge of new experiences are mostly in the little things. You prepare yourself for the important matters, insurance, forms to fill and so on.
Then you realize that some American folks who read your stories might have been surprised at some of your characters’ habits. Like coffee and cake in the afternoon, and not as a dessert. It seems like such a trivial thing, but at times, it makes a difference in how you structure your day.

Little things like that sharpen your perception of details, making the world of your characters more unique and ‘yours’, and it allows you to be playful.

As for the coffee consumption, it doesn’t really matter when you’re a writer, because we appreciate caffeine at any time, right?  

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