Friday, July 13, 2012

Life Changes, Passion Never Does: Bon Jovi, July 9th, 2012, Québec City

How can you determine that a blog post is not about writing? Your preferences in reading and writing are without a doubt influenced by your passions. They will show even if you don’t write your autobiography. Music is inspiration. Today, I’m going to tell you a bit about mine.

Have A Nice Day!

This Bon Jovi concert in Québec was very different from the 22 I’d seen before. It was the first time that I saw them in a country other than Germany. It was also the first time I went with my wife (her 1st) instead of another fan or even a group. There have been many changes since my teenage days when I first discovered this music. Seeing your favorite band on tour is addictive. There is no point when it’s enough, it’s just common sense telling you when it’s time to go back to school/work or save some money for--well, the next tour. When you’re a teenager, adults tell you at every turn how life will be different once you’ve reached their age. The great thing is that yes, it gets better. No, you don’t have to believe anyone that you have to give up what you’re passionate about.

Priorities may change, but mostly they just multiply, so you’re going to divide your time and energy differently.

I’ve had my first row moments and the crazy experience of three shows in three days, three different cities. I’m extremely grateful for the memories and the happy moments shared with friends and total strangers.

This week, I came back to see my favorite band, after many changes in my life, to find the effect unbroken. They are just that good. What’s so magical about Bon Jovi is that they get the people in the audience.  You know that there are 80,000something people around you of which many feel the same, but they still make you feel that these songs and their messages are specifically for you. After nearly three decades, you’ll find all ages in the audience. I have watched them perform over twenty years now. They never fail to give me that one surprise, the unexpected emotion taking over. At a Bon Jovi concert you get to laugh, cry, and get goose-bumps all over. It happens whether you’re first row or in the back of the venue, or anywhere in the crowd.

Every song carries a memory, some sad, some happy. You share a look with a stranger and feel their joy. How often do you have the chance to see thousands of happy people in one place?

 No matter how much life changes, the passion remains, whether it’s music--or writing.

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