Friday, December 28, 2012


Wherever you celebrate the beginning of the New Year--whether you celebrate it at this time or not--stay safe, warm and happy!

Thank you to everyone for visiting here and on my German blog, taking part in giveaways, chatting on the social networks and reading Autumn Leaves--this is a dream come true, and I hope you'll all come back for more stories, fun and excitement. New Year's resolutions in a nutshell? Read more, write more, learn more French, do something good--not always in that order.

Here on Word Affair, I'll kick off 2013 with a series of awesome guests in January, and a new book (Winter Storm, the sequel) in February. My first guest, on January 4th, will be Linda Hays-Gibbs, a fellow Eternal Press author. We'll discuss pretty covers and writing romance, among other subjects.

Hope you'll enjoy! For now, what are your plans and dreams for 2013?

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