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" I guess I am just a romantic at heart" Interview: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Linda and I both write romance, with a different focus underneath the beautiful (book) covers. For my first guest post in 2013, we sat down to discuss different aspects and the appeal of the genre, among other things. See for yourself:


  1. Tell us a bit about your book Angel In My Heart, Devil In My Soul, and why you chose to write in this genre.
It is a sizzling romance between an almost devil with a half angel.  John Monroe is an assassin of the Devil. Stolen from his father because of a gambling debt and trained to do the deeds the Devil's minions can not do.  There is no one that he cares for because he has had no one to care for him.  He is struck by the lightening of lust when he sees the woman of his dreams. 
He is supposed to kill her but his hands will not do the deed.  He must hide her away from the Devil and keep her safe. If you can ever be safe from the Devil unless you get a heavenly help. 
His only problem is he does not see the only way to her heart is through redemption.  Everything in his world is turned upside down by an angel of mercy.  How can he find forgiveness, a man whose murdered souls cry out in agony to him?

  1. What inspired you to make redemption a central theme of the story? 
I thought about the most tortured soul I could imagine, a child raised in Hell, tormented by demons.  I think he had stopped feeling human and thought there was no hope.  He was still a child of God, as all men are and God did not approve of his kidnapping.  God formulated a plan for John from the start to make a way for redemption, just like He does for us all.  We just have to find our plan.  John's was an angel to combat pure evil.  I think it is the basic need of all of us who believe we are beyond hope.

  1. Which qualities do you find important in a heroine, both as a writer and reader?
I want my heroine to be innocent and beautiful. She may be a little nieve at the beginning but people will see her grow. She is young and learning, growing into a strong woman.  She will know who she is and what she wants before the story ends.

  1. What does your writing routine look like, and how do you handle writer’s block? 
I think of something and put it in my notes and if I dream about it, I jot it down.  I never know where inspiration will come but it comes and I try to use it in my story.  I look at the sunrise and the sunsets and find peaceful days beside a river.  It helps to be centered to know what you want to say.

  1. If you could have a conversation with any writer, living or dead, who would it be, and what would you like to ask her/him?
I would love to talk to the prophet Enoch and John on Patmos then Shakespeare comes to mind.  What would I ask?  I would ask what was the reasoning behind the statements?  What do you mean by this?  Is it metaphorical or literal?  I have so many questions for these people I would spend the rest of my life drilling them. LOL

  1. I know this is a question that is asked often, but I’m curious: Who would play your main characters in a movie? What qualities would the actors have to bring to the table?
 My Rachael would have to be Kristen Stewart or the girl that plays Daenerys Targaryen, Tamzin Merchant.  They could be my Nephilims and grow strong in the face of evil. No one could play John Monroe better than Henry Cavill.  He is so delicious but so is Tatum Channing.

  1. Which genre/authors do you enjoy reading at the moment? Which were your favorites as a teenager?
I love Regency Romance and the Paranormal. I do like a little humor in my books so Barbara Metzger is great. My favorite has always been Johanna Lindsey but I find since I have grown I love Eloisa James and Jo Beverley. As a teenager I was into Jane Austen but in truth I read all her books when I was in the seventh grade.  I love to read about romance.  I guess I am just a romantic at heart.

  1. I was intrigued by the beautiful cover of Angel In My Heart, Devil In My Soul. In your experience, what is the appeal of the romance genre and why are so many women drawn to it? 
I think it is the beauty of the moment. You can be sinside the heroine's head and feel her fall in love.  Nothing is more pleasing than falling in love. Remembering that heady moment when your heart beats faster and you find you can't take your eyes off him. When your fingers itch just to take his hand.  It is all so special and women are romantic at heart.  We love romance and beauty.  We want to escape and be transported back into the moment.

  1. As an author, what has been your greatest moment so far?
I think getting published  was way up there but until I got my first review I was on pins and needles.  I guess I thought I had finally fooled a publisher with my persistence. I just could not believe that others would like my work. I worked very hard to get a review and when it came I was terrified. Until I read it nothing was real. To hear from a complete stranger that my work was really good made me laugh and cry all day.  It was wonderful.

  1. What are your prospects, plans and hopes for 2013? 
I am writing the concluding Angel series novel,  Morovani, the Guardian Angel.  He is the father of my Nephilims.  I am finishing The Crazies, Fifty Shades of Purple, a satire on another novel and self publishing back stories and short stories. I enjoy writing and reading so much. I just want to be successful. I want others to enjoy my work so much. 

Thank you for being my guest on Word Affair, Linda!

Next Friday (Jan. 11th), everyone come back for a guest post from LGBT YA author Coffey Brown. In the meantime, continue with Linda's bio, excerpts from her novels and a video trailer below. Thanks for reading!

     She was born in Mississippi and lived in Tennessee and Alabama. She went back to school late in life, graduated with a BA in Anthropology from University of Alabama.  Raised three children by herself after an extremely horrific divorce and combating the debilitating effects off Lupus.  Reading is nectar from the Gods to Linda and writing is just plain fun. Her great, great grandfather is Daniel Boone and she found that out by researching her family herself. She has a dry sense of humor integrated in her books.
     Linda wrote a book of poetry about her grand children called “Sailing in My Sunshine.” Her granddaughter Sailey and daughter Bea inspired her to send it off for publication. Sailey drew the cover on this book.
   Linda’s second book about the sixties was “He Would Make Her Pay.”  Wanting to escape and Druids inspired her third book, “Escape into Magic.”  Her fourth book, “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls” really was exciting because of her new and exciting publisher, Eternal Press. Kim Richards, Sally Christie and Sally Odgers from Eternal Press are inspirations. Barbara Metzger, one of her favorite authors gave Linda advice.
.      Linda’s fifth book launches November the 1st, 2012 with Eternal Press.  It is a Paranormal Regency Romance too called, “Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul.  It is the second in her angel series.  The next will be called, “Morovani, the Guardian Angel.”  Linda loves writing and hopes to continue to do it for the rest of her life along with anything she can do for her God and children.
 Linda Hays-Gibbs

Excerpt from "My Angel, My Light
 As Darkness Falls"

He wanted her as he had never wanted anything before in his life.
Like a ravenous animal, his eyes alight with a hunger he had
never known before; he followed her and held his breath. Shaking
his head of curly black hair, he closed his cornflower blue eyes
tight and pursed his full sensual lips. What could she hope to find
in this mess? It was for her husband or lover that she searched, he
was certain. Was he jealous? Pierre’s brow wrinkled. He cringed
in the face of such an emotion. A flash of lust gripped his guts as
he realized he could just take her right now. He had heard how
lust took some men after a heated battle and that was their excuse
for rape and murder after a battle. She was all alone and so fragile.
For whom did she search?
He felt such jealousy as he had never felt before, hot and wild.
What was wrong with him?

After a long silence, Pru looked up into the face of desire. They
stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Impulsively she put
her fingers to his lips, his tongue touched the seam between her
fingers and her hand jerked away. Dughlass grabbed her in a frenzy
of lust. He held her tightly in his arms as his lips fluttered over
hers in a communion of moisture and warmth that filled her with
unbearable pleasure as the tip of his tongue slipped against her
bottom lip, softly teasing, and her resistance melted. Dughlass
saw her confusion and need and sanity promptly burned to cinders
as a primal sound of satisfaction left his lips.
Dughlass wanted her more than he had ever wanted any woman
and he could contain it no longer.
“I do not care who your brother was or who my brother was or
what ghost; he could be the devil incarnate and I would still want
you. I feel I love you more than I can bear, past time and death
and I can only hope that my brother’s ruined life and soul could
be salvaged by our love.” Then he flung off his embrace and strode
away as if he was scalded, his chest moving with labored breaths
as he mumbled curses.


When Rachael awoke, all rational thought blew away on the
light breeze from his breath, as his mouth descended on hers. The
kiss started light but it turned into something else. Rachel recognized
his need. She tasted it in his kiss, felt it in his arms that cradled
her, wanted her and she wanted him...fiercely. No one could
kiss with such tenderness, such consideration, such understanding
and love, unless it came from the wellspring of their being. He
must love her. It was crazy but she felt she knew him and belonged
to him in a primeval sort of way. This was so right and the kiss
so wonderful. Closing her eyes, she turned towards him, and his
arms closed around her. He deepened the kiss even more, and his
mouth gently pried hers open. It surprised and excited her, fueling
the flaming flicker of desire within her instead of satisfying it.
His tongue invaded her mouth, stroking and tasting. Surprised,
her eyes popped open, and she pulled back. How could this be
happening to her?
Desire was a drug, its addiction potent and it hung in the air
about them. He had stolen her breath, held her mind and senses
enthralled. His slow, achingly sweet exploration of her mouth left
her emotionally and mentally reeling.

“What are you doing out here?”
“I could ask the same of you, my sweet. Why are you running
away? How do you think you can make it on your own?” His face,
harsh even in the moonlight, caused her heart to race.
“I do not know but I am determined to try. Get out of my way.
I really need to go.” John reached around her with his arms and
crushed her body to his. His mouth came down on hers and he
kissed her long and hard, his arms like iron imprinting her soft
flesh with his body.
Rachael held back for a minute and then her arms went around
him, clinging to him with all her strength. She kissed him back,
her mouth pliant and hungry, luxuriating in the taste, the scent,
and the feel of her body opening to him. Her breasts swelling gently,
only inches away from his body, her hunger blossomed deep in
her abdomen warm and insistent. Everything within her seemed
to soften, yearning toward him unconsciously, she leaned forward
his arms went around her, crushing her. He broke the kiss,
his breath rasping harshly in his throat. He stared for a moment
into her eyes, his own only inches away deep fathomless pools of
darkest blue. Then he tilted his head the other way, changing the
angle of their kiss, and took her mouth again and their lips clung
to the others. John pulled her into his arms and carried her back
up the alley, into the inn, up the steps and to their room. Rachael
did not say a word. People stared but did not comment. Rachael
did not care. Her heart was pumping and spinning out of control.
Even if he lied, she needed him. Desperately.

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