Friday, February 22, 2013

Ménage à Trois - Part Two

Welcome to the second

Once again, I'll present you 3 Eternal Press authors who tell us a bit about their workspace, reads for the island and their latest release. The third and final part--for now--will be next week. Today's guests are Maeve Alpin, Linda Hays-Gibbs and Stephanie O'Hanlon. Have a seat, ladies!

1)      Name three things on your desk.

Maeve: 1. A large dry eraser board with a list of books with rights back I need to revise, rough drafts I need to finish or rewrite, and books I need to write rough drafts for. 2. A can of clips paper clips that are tiny,1" long,  wooden clothespins, and 3. A Staples red easy button, when you push it, it says "That was easy."
Linda: Laptop, Diet Dr. Pepper, iPhone
Stephanie: 1) A stack of three books, one on Edgar Allan Poe, Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton, & Merrick by Anne Rice.
     2) My journal.
     3) Bills!

2)      Which three books would you take to a deserted island?

Linda: Tender Rebel by Johanna Lindsey, Fifty Shades of Grey to finally figure out what I don't know, How to Cook Coconuts and Fish.
Stephanie: It's a tie between the first three books in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice or her bdsm series Sleeping Beauty (three novel series, very addictive!)
Maeve: Though I saw the movie, I still haven't read Cloud Atlas, so I'd take it, Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury as it's one of my all time favorite books, and for the same reason, Druids by Morgan Llywelyn.

3)      Describe your latest book in three words.

Stephanie: Delectable, unforgettable, romantic.
Maeve: Love's Interplanetary Conquest
Linda: Sizzling, Sexy, and Scrumpdiliumpscious

Maeve Alpin: Conquistadors in Outer Space

Conquistadors in Outer Space:
About Maeve: Website/Blog: & I blog for Steamed

Linda Hays-Gibbs: Angel In My Heart, Devil In My Soul

Angel In My Heart, Devil In My Soul:
About Linda: Website/Blog:

Stephanie O'Hanlon: Affaire de Coeur

Affaire de Coeur: (launches on February 1st)
About Stephanie: or

Thank you!!

Next week, you'll find Nicola A. Sheridan, Ross S. Simon and Michelle Hoefle in this spot. Stay tuned!

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