Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autumn Leaves: An anniversary & an excerpt

It's been a year today since I got the email from Eternal Press that said "accepted for publication". It's what we plan for and dream about, but still is a jaw-dropping moment--and more jaw-dropping moments followed: One year later, book two of the series (Winter Storm) is out, and book three (Spring Fever) three almost done. Autumn Leaves made it into the EP Top Seller List and also spent a few days in the top spot of Diesel/Eros ebooks in the "Lesbian" category. Winter Storm showed up in the 10 Ten of Amazon's Hot New Releases in "Lesbian".

I'm happy to release my third book with Eternal Press, a standalone thriller, this November. Basically, I still have to pick up my jaw from the floor--or again. Good times. I'd like to celebrate them with you by sharing another excerpt from the story that got the ball rolling:

“I don’t have any kids for you to babysit,” Maria said, “but you
can come over any time if you like.” She and Callie shared a smile
that was a lot more genuine and made Rebecca irrationally unhappy.
She should be glad that most of her friends accepted Callie,
because it would make a lot of things easier. Maybe. Rebecca emptied
her glass quickly. Coming here such a bad idea. She spent the
next few minutes working up the courage to tell Callie she needed
a moment in private.
“MILF, really? You called me that to her face?” she asked as
they stood by the coatrack in the hallway. First Asha Malik, now
Maria became Callie’s new best friend. It wasn’t the best of weeks
for Rebecca. She could tell it took Callie a few moments to make
the connection.
“Oh, that.”
“Yes, that. So?”
“I told you Asha doesn’t have any manners whatsoever. What’s
the big deal?”
“What the big deal is? You talked about me! Behind my back.”
“Just like you did before I came into the room?”
Rebecca had nothing left to argue with. She was brave, and
just barely drunk enough to confess her earlier lapse. Meanwhile,
her mood was taking an abrupt shift from defensive to guilty.
“I am so sorry. You’ve got to believe me.”
“It’s fine. I was overreacting too.” Callie sighed, and to Rebecca,
it sounded heart-wrenching. Not everything was fine after all.
“No, you don’t get it. I didn’t mean to expose you. It just...happened.”
What a miserable day.
“They would have found out at some point, anyway.”
It was not the reaction Rebecca had expected, and she didn’t
think she deserved this rather merciful response. She was making
too many mistakes already.
“I didn’t talk about you to Asha,” Callie said softly.
“You didn’t say ‘hot’?”
“Sorry. No.”
Her face was burning as they were standing too close in the
dimly lit hallway, uncomfortable truths coming at her all at once.
The way scenes from Callie’s book lingered on her mind, time and
“Okay then.”
The way Maria had been all over Callie. There was no reason
to go all crazy, was there? Maria was touchy-feely with everyone.
“God, look at me. Drunk on a Saturday morning.”
Callie reached for her hand, and Rebecca stepped back so
quickly she nearly hit her head against the wall behind her.
“What do you want, Rebecca?”
Get so drunk I won’t feel the pain of curiosity anymore—or I
won’t care...Order more of those books of yours. Go, before I can
take a good look at what the answer to your question is.
“You have to understand!” she said heatedly. “I’ve never been…
I’m not normally that way. I’m not as narrow-minded as you think
I am. ”
“Are you done with that private chat of yours?” Maria had
joined them before Callie could answer. “Craig will drive you
home if you want.”
“No thanks,” Rebecca said. “I think I’ll take a walk.”

~ ~ ~

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(Graphic by Vicki Clarke)

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