Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's going to be a hot summer: Wednesday guests, Spring Fever, Secrets...Coming soon:

(Going to draw the winner for yesterday's contest soon--here's a look at what's to come in the next few weeks).

I love the archetypal strong female characters--and women can be strong in every genre. For further evidence, I have invited fellow authors to tell me about their leading ladies in weekly guest blogs. Those will run all through June and the first half of July--but wait, there's even more in it for you. Most of those posts will come with giveaways of various genres, so you better stay tuned! Names and prizes will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, Spring Fever, the sequel to Winter Storm, is shaping up (a first draft is also supposed to be done by mid-July, because after that, my wife and I will be off to Europe). This will be the first time for me after two years to visit my native country of Germany. Furthermore, we have planned a short trip to Italy which is likely to include some research.

So, as long as we're still here:
I better keep busy!

When we're back, it will be time to prepare the launch of Secrets, a thriller in which the leading ladies face unexpected dangers during their summer vacation. Check it out November 1st.

I'm even updating my Facebook page a little more often.

Have a great Spring, everyone!

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