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Wednesday Women: Susan Quinn and Jenna James by Kiki Archer

Today in the Wednesday Women feature: Welcome to Kiki Archer and Susan and Jenna from One Foot Onto The Ice. Thanks for visiting, make yourself at home!

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Next week, we'll meet Yvonne Heidt's Sisters of Spirits. Now, I'll leave you with Susan and Jenna's conversation. Enjoy! :)

 (all graphics provided by author)
Susan Quinn and Jenna James from “One Foot Onto The Ice” chat about the interview scene in Kiki Archer’s novel “Binding Devotion.”

This scene is set in Susan Quinn’s living quarters at St Wilfred’s All-Girls School the week after Susan and Jenna’s ski trip to Morzine.
This is not, and will never be, a real scene in any of my novels, but it is a great way to get to know a couple of the characters from “One Foot Onto The Ice.”
Jenna James glanced up from the desk and looked at her girlfriend sitting snugly, with book in hand, on the sofa. “Please, gorgeous, I really do need to concentrate.”
“Sorry,” said Susan, without lifting her eyes. “Ha!” She giggled again.
“Susan, please. I have to get this School Direct form in the post.” Jenna scratched her head and returned her eyes to the confusing questionnaire.
“Let me help you?”
Jenna shook her head. “No, I’m the one applying to be a teacher.” She paused. “You’re a teacher already, and if you help me then I’ll never truly know if I’m the right calibre or not.”
“It’s just an initial application form,” said Susan, eyes back on the book, giggling once more. “Oh no! No way!”
“Hey, I’m taking this seriously. I’d love to train here at St Wilfred’s,” Jenna lifted her head once more, “and what is so funny?”
Susan laughed. “The lady in my book’s about to sing during an interview.”
“What’s the book?”
“Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer. Pippa, one of the main characters, is on an interview for a job working as PA to the other main character, Andi, who happens to be a wonderfully charismatic lesbian advocate for LGBT rights.”
Jenna rolled her eyes. “And this Pippa’s a lesbian too?”
“So, let me guess. They get it on? Predictable.” Jenna readjusted her position and pulled herself tighter into the desk.
“It’s not actually. Come on. This could be good practice. Let me ask you the questions Pippa gets asked during her interview. It may help you with your application form.” Susan smiled. “Plus, I’ll get to know you better.”
Jenna rubbed her temples and stared at question 13.A(c), still completely unable to make any sense of it whatsoever. “Fine,” she said, moving her chair backwards and walking over to the sofa, “but if I do well in this interview of yours, then you finish that application form of mine.”
“But I thought—”
“Who am I kidding?” said Jenna, sitting on the sofa and throwing her legs over Susan’s knees, “I need all the help I can get.”
Susan smiled and lovingly rubbed Jenna’s feet. “Deal. Okay, quick fire questions. These are the ones Pippa got asked.”
Jenna nodded. “Hit me with it, Madam Quinn.”
“If someone wrote a book about you what would the title be, and why?”
Jenna made a clicking sound with her tongue. “Umm.”
“No noises or umms during your interview please.”
“Sorry, umm.” Jenna tutted. “I bet this Pippa character of yours didn’t umm, did she? I bet she answered immediately and perfectly.”
“And funnily,” added Susan.
Jenna nodded. “Okay, my book would be called: Confessions of a Ski Rep.”
“Because I’ve got lots to confess and it would make for very interesting reading.”
Susan coughed. “Right, okay, next question. What makes you angry?”
“When people kiss and tell.”
“Does that happen a lot?”
Jenna shrugged. “It has.”
“Next question. Favourite quote?”
Jenna nodded. “Sex sells.”
Susan threw the book down and teasingly shook Jenna’s legs. “Why are your answers all sex related?”
“Weren’t Pippa’s?”
“Did she get the job?”
Jenna grinned. “Good, because I don’t want to be PA to some snotty nosed LGBT advocate. I want to be a teacher here at St Wilfred’s. I want to be a teacher who has another very hot teacher as her girlfriend.” Jenna was moving onto her hands and knees and crawling closer to Susan. “I want—”
“Let me guess,” said Susan. “Sex!”

The sequel to “One Foot Onto The Ice” is due out this year. It’s called “When you Know.”

Kiki Archer Bio:
Kiki Archer is a UK-based, best-selling, award-winning author. Her debut novel "But She Is My Student," won the UK's 2012 SoSoGay Best Book Award. Its sequel "Instigations," took just 12 hours from its release to reach the top of the UK lesbian fiction chart; and Kiki's third novel "Binding Devotion," was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards. All quickly became bestsellers in their genre, and Kiki's fourth offering, "One Foot Onto The Ice" has been her most successful to date, breaking into the American contemporary fiction top 100 as well as achieving the US and UK lesbian fiction number 1.
Kiki's 2013 ended on an incredible high, having been crowned The Ultimate Planet's Independent Author of the Year.

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