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Wednesday Women: Trinity and Graciela by Anastasia Vitsky

Welcome to a new Wednesday Women blog--meet Trinity and Graciela from Anastasia Vitsky's upcoming title Mistress on her Knees. There's a giveaway, too!

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But now, on to Trinity and Graciela (thanks for joining the Wednesday Women:

(graphic provided by author)

Flawed, powerful women have always fascinated me. We hear about flawed, powerful men all the time, but women are often expected to be passive, saintly, or both.

Passive saints are boring.

However, it is risky to write a woman with strength, humanity, and failings. Readers, even female readers, will often accept more flaws in a man than a woman. A man “has leadership skills” while a woman is “bossy” or “shrill.” An alpha hero is sexy, while an alpha heroine is often portrayed as frigid or in need of a good man to soften her feminist edges.

We teach our little girls to be quiet and obedient, while we shrug our shoulders at little boys misbehaving and say, “Boys will be boys.” A male college student who rapes is forgiven his “youthful indiscretion,” while a female college student who is raped must have “asked for it.”

Within the world of BDSM and DD (domestic discipline), the gender-based double standards are just as strong. Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey has become an icon of sexy power, while women (even dominant women) are reduced to inert objects of desire. Where are the sexy, powerful women who make mistakes but are individuals in their own right? Where are the sexy, powerful women who love them?

In Mistress on Her Knees, (forthcoming on March 1, 2015), Trinity Maddox and Graciela Fairbanks meet over a delivery of moo shu pork and cream cheese wontons. Graciela is a professional Domme who helps Trinity escape from an abusive situation, and they fall in love. There are two problems.  (What is a great love story without complications?)

First, Trinity’s negative experiences make Gracie wary. She keeps her distance at first, insisting Trinity is too young and na├»ve to make a life commitment.

Second, Trinity sleeps with Graciela’s best friend.

For most people I know, cheating is the automatic do-not-pass relationship ender. Gracie feels the same way. She kicks Trinity out, moves to another country, and cuts off all communication.

And yet…and yet! Their paths cross ten years later, and Gracie is faced with a choice. Should she forgive the woman who destroyed their relationship, or does this flawed, powerful woman deserve a second chance?

What would you do if you were Gracie? Can love overcome the worst betrayal?


Mistress on Her Knees

 Thou shalt not covet thy host’s submissive

 When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and cheated with her best friend, all of the usual fun with handcuffs turns into something darker.

 Graciela struggles to control her attraction to the headstrong, beautiful woman who broke her heart ten years ago. She offers temporary shelter to a fellow human in crisis, nothing more. But when Trinity buckles under Graciela’s righteous anger and begs for forgiveness, Graciela’s resolve wavers. Can she ever trust again? Does Trinity deserve a second chance, or is this yet another manipulation?

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Author bio:

 Cookie queen, wooden spoon lady, and champion of carbs, Anastasia Vitsky specializes in F/F erotic fiction. She hates shoes and is allergic to leather. When not writing about women who live spankily ever after, she coordinates reader and author events such as Spank or Treat, Love Spanks, and Sci Spanks. Her favorite event is Ana’s Advent Calendar, a month-long celebration of books, community, and making a difference.

She is too afraid to watch Dr. Who, but she adores The Good Wife and anything with Audrey Hepburn. In her next life, she will learn how to make the perfect pie.

Where to find out more about Anastasia Vitsky and her books:

Blog (Governing Ana)
Twitter: @AnastasiaVitsky
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  2. My mother once told me that cheating in-and-of itself isn't usually the problem. Instead, it's the symptom of a deeper problem in the relationship. She said that if you can tackle the deeper problem, you can maybe get past the betrayal and find forgiveness. I can't imagine the overwhelming difficulty of that healing path. I very much look forward to how Graciela and Trinity put their pieces back together.

  3. That's an insightful comment, Anne. People don't cheat in a vacuum. For myself, I'm not sure I could forgive a cheater. It's been interesting to see how story trends have changed in the past years, where forgiving a cheater is much more accepted. I remember being surprised at the Sex in the City movie for that reason.

  4. Absolutely love this cover. When I was younger I was unable to forget someone cheating. As I have matured I realize what Anne said is very true. There is usually an underlying issue that causes a person to cheat. Although I will say there are some people who just enjoy the challenge of "getting away with it" Those are the one's we need to stay away from. Can't wait for this book to come out. Blessings. R

    1. That's true for so many things, isn't it? The worst things people do are about their own underlying issues, and more often than not it's about trying to do a good thing. Maybe in the wrong way, but the intent is there.

      Though there are the players, of course, and I don't have much understanding for them.

  5. By the way, Mistress on Her Knees is now available for pre-order! The link is here:

  6. I just kicked my husband out last month for cheating. I will never love or trust anyone ever again. All I'm living for now is my 3 children. Graciela must have so much love and trust in Trinity. I am so excited for this book to come out. I pre-ordered it but the waiting is the hard part.

  7. Hi, I have to comment on the idea of forgiving, yes. But, that does not mean everything is fine and dandy. Trust broken needs to be won back and any mis cues will driver a great wedge between the 2.

    I also agree that there is a double standard. How many of the Disney princess have to be saved by the prince or have to end up with the "hero" Queen Elsa and Merida stand out as independent woman. but few others do. Mulan even ended up with the hero, even thought she saved China.
    pie pie 4 now