Friday, May 4, 2018

Loving the Suspense: Secrets, The Amnesia Project, Carpenter/Harding & some more lesfic links, oh my!


This has been an exciting week: Great reviews for The Amnesia Project, and the BookBub Featured Deal for Secrets, while I'm getting Infatuations, Carpenter/Harding #7, ready for release in June.

I've wanted to return to regular blogs aside from the book-ish news, so here it is. I've enjoyed writing in various genres over the year. As a reader, and a writer, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense has always been my favorite. It's not only the ultimate good vs. evil. With a woman as the lead character, it feels to me like it's winning over patriarchy, one bad guy at a time. It will come as no surprise that Tess Gerritsen has been one of my favorite authors from the first book of hers that I picked up. I have loved every book of J.M. Redmann's Micky Knight series, and Lena Adams is my favorite character of Karin Slaughter's Grant County.

Over the years, I worked with different characters, figuring out which would be a good fit for a series, and which would have a fast-paced standalone as their story. Right now, I am happy to be able to offer my readers the Carpenter/Harding series and Secrets and The Amnesia Project as standalone reads. If you're looking for a quick romantic suspense read, Jayce & Emma fit the bill.

It's been a journey, with a lot more to come, with some forays into romance, urban fantasy and utopia. I'm grateful for every reader who joined me on this journey, into a world of vampires and angles, politics, small town antics...and back to where I'm most at home. Thank you for reading!

But wait, there's more in mixed lesfic news:

KC Luck's Rescue Her Heart is out today!

Annette Mori's Blog deals with the controversial subject of the term "panties" in fiction.

Still 99cts: Elizabeth Andre's Lesbian Light Reads 1-6 Boxed Set 

And another new release: Prudence MacLeod's Shadow Ascending 

Last thing for today, a reminder that you can sign up for T. B. Markinson's  I Heart Lesfic newsletter to stay up to date of everything that's going on in the world of lesfic - new releases, multi-author sales, review sites, etc. 

Enjoy the weekend - may it be filled with reads about women loving women and getting the job done!

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