Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Trouble with Brand Marketing, 2 freebies and an excerpt - and lesfic links!

Last week, I started with my plan to (re)jump-start my blog, writing about writing suspense. This is part of today's subject - brand marketing. My goal was always to get to a point where I could offer readers a variety of stories in different genres. Keep it interesting. The fans of lesfic are amazing and avid readers.
Still, some books do better than others, and especially now, where I hope to make it clear that my focus lies with stories of suspense (the Carpenter/Harding series and standalone stories like The Amnesia Project and Secrets) - what happens to the others?


Well, I guess we'll find out - for 5 days, you can download The Exodus Strategy ( a utopia/political fiction/women's fiction) and The Design of Everything Perfect ( lesbian romance) for free. Those two books do have some suspenseful moments, but otherwise are in other categories, and sometimes overlooked. Do I keep investing in them, or make my peace with the fact that other books carry the most weight, month to month?

* * * *

Speaking of a book that definitely has been noticed, The Amnesia Project, here's another excerpt for you:

I could feel it in my bones that Caitlyn, if I found her in the Gellers’ house, had answers for me. I just knew it. I stopped halfway for breakfast at a rest stop, enjoying a coffee and a piece of cheesecake, then I drove the rest of the way straight. I only stopped briefly at the hotel to check in and freshen up, then I made my way to the Gellers. The community they lived in was a bit further out than I imagined. The suburban feel of the area and its cookie cutter houses depressed me. It looked like the coming of age of a bunch of jocks and their high school sweethearts.
The house Jason shared with his family was on the first in a large, almost symmetrical half circle, another half circle of houses behind. Who or what were they trying to summon?
I parked on the curb and walked up to the house. I had a prickling feeling at the back of my neck, and turning, I could see movement behind the next door neighbor’s window. Nothing surprising so far. When your neighbor was practically on top of you, curiosity was a given. It made me cringe that there were people who chose to live like this. Then again, it was none of my business, right? A few days out here would remind me why I loved living in a city.
I rang the doorbell once, waited, then another time.
The door opened, and I came face to face with Caitlin Hoyt aka Mrs. Geller.
“Ms. Caitlyn Hoyt?” There was alarm on her face, and I had only a split second before she decided to slam the door in my face. I caught it in time. “Caitlyn, please, I need to talk to you for a moment. It’s important.”
Someone’s life could depend on it. I’m not sure it would have been fair to use that, given that I had no idea if Paige was alive. But she had to be. She had to be.
The other woman let go of the door, her shoulders slumping.
“My name is Katie Geller,” she said. I heard children’s laughter from inside the house.
“I need to make lunch,” Caitlyn/Katie added. “My husband is coming home in a few minutes, and he won’t like seeing you here. He doesn’t like people bothering us.”
I detected more between the lines than I wanted to.
“I don’t want any trouble for you or your family. I know you escaped your former husband.” It was worth a shot. “You might want to know that he’s dead.”
Something in her expression changed, a hint of emotion visible.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Danielle Ryder. I’m a cop, but I’m not here on an official assignment. I am interested in the circumstances of your disappearance.”
“Why?” she asked, her tone cool and sarcastic now. “You want to charge me for pretending a crime happened? That’s rich, especially since the police never do a thing when you need them.”
* * * *

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