Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jordan and Ellie are back: The challenges and rewards of writing a serial

Infatuations is the 7th book in the Carpenter/Harding series, and I'm happy and proud to have arrived in this place, with these characters. I have to admit it wasn't a given. Right after finishing Indiscretions, I sat down to write a dozen pages of the sequel...and that's where their story stayed for a while. I always wanted to do a serial. One of those stories remained a standalone. Another one has yet to be published--I still like the character, but I have pushed her story back for so long, she would need a new one these days. Jayce and Emma were fun to write, but theirs were always meant to be shorter stories.

So...Jordan Carpenter. Ellie Harding. I thought long and hard about whether book 2 was ever going to happen, and then it did. They wouldn't let me be, and so I found out that they had a lot more to tell me--cases, personal issues, the trouble with past relationships, and so on. #7.

This would have been hard to do without the readers that came back for each book, eager to hear more about these two, the adversaries they encounter, and the friends that support them.

Thank you so much. I hope you'll enjoy where I took them.

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