Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Women: Girls In Ice Houses by Linda Morganstein

For this week's Wednesday Women, you get a chance to chat with author Linda Morganstein who's presenting "Girls In Ice Houses." Join the conversation in order to enter the giveaway, for a chance to win an autographed copy! The giveaway ends next Tuesday, and please leave some contact info so we can find you. Enjoy!

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For those of you old enough to remember (or have watched on reruns) the well-known Mike Myers skit On Saturday Night Live in which he played a Jewish middle-aged housewife, Linda Richman, from Long Island who idolized Barbara Streisand and gave very funny advice and skewed opinions. Linda Richman could have been my aunt. I grew up with skewed humor and VERY lively conversation, much of it screamed, with interruptions, much love and a yet quite a bit of heated disagreement.

Today, I'd like to have a discussion. I'll put out the questions, give you my opinions and you, I hope, will give me yours. For those responding, I'll put you in the hat for my giveaway-- an autographed copy of my latest novel, Girls In Ice Houses. You can't lose! Voice your thoughts, get a conversation going and possibly win a book. Let's discuss!
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Q1: What do you think the place is of lesbian fiction in the general world of books? Should it be a distinct genre or should lesbian fiction be a part of the mainstream?

A: I write books I hope will be of interest to a wide audience. I truly prize the lesbian audience, but I aspire to communicate to as many readers as possible. I read mostly "literary" fiction by anyone that can write a book that both touches me and makes me think. If that writer is a lesbian or the book features lesbians, I'm thrilled! How about you?

Q2: Do you like books that make you think or are deeply emotional or do you prefer a lighter read?

A: I prefer books that make me think and feel deeply. However, I'm not opposed to lighter reads. However, I want that lighter read to be carefully constructed and have great characters. Admission: I relax my brain though television shows and movies, some of them "trashy" and some of them not--Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Transparent, Looking, Breaking Bad, to name a few. How about you?

Q: Do you choose books through reviews, recommendations, a favorite author or prize winners? Some other ways?

A3: All of the above. I have favorite writers whom I'll read no matter what they write. I talk about books with my lovely partner and our friends. I read reviews, although I tend to avoid a lot of this, since I am very sensitive and I put myself in the writer's shoes.  Word of mouth is the best, I think. What are your choice methods?

I look forward to your responses! After one week, I'll announce the winner of my book.

Linda Morganstein is an award-winning, overeducated writer of who also happens to be the product of a Borscht Belt childhood in the Jewish hotels of the Catskills. In the seventies, she dropped out of Vassar College and drove a VW van to California, where she lived in Sonoma County for many years. Later, she studied with Jane Smiley in Iowa. She currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her understanding spouse Melanie and her exceptional dog, Courage. In addition to writing, Linda is avid golfer and sourdough bread-baker. In short, she has a phobia for boredom. Due to her Borscht Belt background, she has a distinct interest in humor as an antidote to the complications of life. This includes an arsenal of jokes supplied by her late father, a master comedian.

For more about Linda and her books, check out her web site:

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  1. Q1.Answering this question has been more difficult that I imagined. I would love to see most "genres" mainstreamed but I also appreciate being pointed to a particular area, perhaps finding a less familiar or less famous author.

    Q2. As a rule I like books that make me think but if I don't have the time or headspace, then lighter fare is on the docket. I appreciate well drawn characters.

    Q3. I choose books through recommendations. And reviews. I like to check out authors that other authors read. Sometimes I library browse and choose a title (or topic) that leaps out at me.

  2. Welcome Linda
    I answered the questions once, for some reason it didn't submit my answers. So this time I be short.

    Q1:I would like to see more lesbian authors mainstreamed. The first thing the book has to catch my attention, after that I can get lost in the story.

    Q2: I like a books that has the thrill of a chase, seduction, erotica, communication, carefree life, ending love, finding love, and the happily ever after. I like to read. ;)

    Q3: I give reviews and recommendations, however I have a tendency not to listen to somebody's reviews or recommendation. Why?
    That person may not like a book, and I could. It's happened several times.

    1. Thanks, Louise. I think it's important for writers to catch the reader's attention in the first few pages.

  3. A great write up, Linda! Your cover looks fantastic and I'm sure the insides are going to be wonderful! Congrats!

  4. Today is the final day of the giveaway. I put the names of the three responders in a hat and withdrew the winner: Lisa Girolami! Lisa, we're Facebook friends. You can private message me an address where I can send an autographed copy. I'll send you a message, too. Congratulations!